Lost Soul Aside PS5, PS4 Still in Development

Here’s your annual reminder that Final Fantasy-inspired PlayStation-exclusive Lost Soul Aside is still alive and well, and it’s still in development for the PS5 and PS4, though that might change when the PS6 releases. Jokes aside, the game’s official Twitter account has published an interview with game director Yang Bing, who was once just a solo developer working on a personal project that caught Sony’s eye.

Lost Soul Aside is funded by Sony as part of China Hero Project

It didn’t take long for Sony to pick up Lost Soul Aside. Bing showed off his impressive project in August 2016 and by October, Sony had turned it into a timed PS4-exclusive as part of its China Hero Project investments. The game was supposed to release in 2020 but was later pushed. A year ago, developer Ultizero showed off 18 minutes of gameplay and announced a PS5 version.

In case you’re wondering, there isn’t anything new about Lost Soul Aside in the interview beyond a confirmation that it’s still in development. Bing talks about his inspirations, praises the PS5, and briefly discusses game development.

Lost Soul Aside is the game we are currently working on for the China Hero Project. Because of Lost Soul Aside, I was known by SIE and some of the players. Being a person from an art background, I love playing games. From a hobby to becoming a professional, games are all around my daily life. Lost Soul Aside is all about creating a smooth action-RPG experience for players, and we have shown it through previous videos.

In other news, a new report claims that EA is pursuing a sale, and The Callisto Protocol is targeting a 2022 release.

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