Should You Play the Original or Remake First?

Sony is preparing to launch its new and improved PlayStation Plus subscription service in June. This new service will essentially combine PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now into one subscription that consists of three different tiers. The Essential tier offers the same basic services that PlayStation Plus has now, while the two higher tiers, Extra and Premium, give customers access to hundreds of iconic and classic games.

Both versions of the PlayStation exclusive game Demons Souls will be available in the higher tiers of PlayStation Plus. The original PS3 version of the game can be streamed as a part of the Premium tier, and the 2020 PS5 remake of Demons Souls can be downloaded with the Extra tier. Those who have never played Demons Souls before may be wondering which version of the game they should play first. As each version has its merits, which one to start with really depends on the player’s preferences.

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What to Know About the Original Demon’s Souls

Demons Souls, which was first released by FromSoftware on the PS3 in 2009, set the tone for many of FromSoftware’s future games. The developer’s biggest hits, such as Dark Souls, Bloodborneand Elden Ringall originated from Demons Souls. Though it is likely the least popular in the series, the PS3 exclusive was the spiritual predecessor to all of FromSoftware’s Soulslike games.

Many of the features and characteristics that make up the famous “Souls formula” started with Demons Souls. Extremely difficult enemies, intricate lore, and the loss of progress upon death are core parts of Demons Souls‘ gameplay. Playing the original version of the game has its benefits, as fans who love FromSoftware games can see the origin of all the ideas that made future games so great. However, Demons Souls is clearly an older game of its era. It doesn’t have the same polish or shine as modern games, parts of it are buggy, and ideas aren’t always fully fleshed out. For some players, these flaws contribute to the game’s nostalgic factor and bring back happy memories of a time long ago. Demons Souls‘flaws only add charm and character to an already fantastic game.

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What to Know About Demon’s Souls’ PS5 Remake

The most noticeable difference between the remake and the original is the quality of the graphics. Bluepoint Games performed a complete rehaul of Demons Souls‘ visuals, giving it an overall sharper and cleaner look. However, the graphics weren’t the only thing to be improved — changes were also made to the gameplay. The original game only had four-directional rolling, which the remake updates by adding omnidirectional rolling. This makes dodging the attacks of enemies much easier.

Bluepoint Games’ remake took an iconic game and gave it the look and feel of a modern title. Demon’s Souls Remake was also a launch title for the PS5, so it takes full advantage of the DualSense haptic feedback system. Almost all the player’s actions, such as rolling, striking, and casting magic, are seamlessly translated into vibrations. This gives the player a much stronger sense of the world.

The remake also adds a few new features to the game that greatly improve its quality. A new photo mode lets players capture all the game’s incredible moments. Updates made to Demons Souls‘ multiplayer make the experience much easier overall. The remake also added Fractured Mode, a new mode that flips the game’s levels horizontally, making the game feel brand new to even veterans of Demons Souls.

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Which Version Should You Play First?

For those who are diehard fans of classic video games and FromSoftware titles, the original Demons Souls should be their introduction to the game. Playing the original first will give players the chance to see how FromSoftware has grown and evolved since 2009, fostering in them a greater appreciation for other FromSoftware games. They’ll understand how FromSoftware has improved and expanded upon its early ideas.

However, players who don’t connect with the look or feel of older games might have a better experience with the remake, as it improves upon the game in almost every way. The remake looks better, plays better, and adds new features that enhance the quality. For players who aren’t familiar with FromSoftware games, Demons Souls Remake is the perfect place to start. Demons Souls is an important game not only for FromSoftware but also for the gaming industry as a whole. Having dozens of subsequent titles and influenced the face of gaming forever, Demons Souls is a game that everyone should take the opportunity to experience, in one way or another.

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