Minecraft User Is Adding 1,000 New Blocks To The Game

There are already so many building blocks in the world of Minecraft, but one modder is currently adding even more, including some brand-new shapes.

Yew Minecraft was just a game in which players had to survive each night in small mud huts, it probably wouldn’t be the pop culture behemoth that it is today. With its building mechanics, large sprawling world, and relaxing soundtrack, it’s easily one of the best games for cultivating mindfulness. It also has a lot of powerful tools to offer up, along with a ton of blocks that are key to creativity. However, one person has decided that the game definitely needs a lot more of these 1×1 building cubes.


User JayCubTruth has been tinkering with Minecraft mods, offering up a number of add-ons and resource packs. Called Blockz+, their latest project will add around 1,000 new blocks to the world, including 17 additional shapes. Such shapes include curved blocks, pyramids, corner blocks, and more. In a recent video uploaded to YouTube, the creator showed off what they’ve done so far, with a goal of getting to the magical number soon and hopefully making the mod available shortly.

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It seems like JayCubTruth’s add-on has the potential to really give a boost to the building potential that is already enjoyed by millions. It should be pointed out at this stage that their Blockz+ mod is for the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, rather than the Java version. The difference between the two is that the former has cross-platform play and is compatible on more systems. Many will have already made the switch to the Bedrock Edition, but it felt worthy of note all the same.

The blocks in Minecraft are, for lack of a better term, the literal building blocks of the game. They are what give it its distinctive look. And while there are a couple of variations, such as small stairs, half-blocks, and fences, the typical 1×1 cuboid versions are pretty much the standard. JayCubTruth has already shown what can be done with their upcoming blocks and shapes, demonstrating a few simple structures like a longer set of stairs and a curved wall. They’ve also made it possible to rotate these new blocks for extra versatility when building.

Minecraft mods can really change the game in big ways, from the overall visuals, to adding new technologies not conceived by the original developer, to just generally improving the experience. With such a project in the works and hopefully launched soon, it’s hardly surprising that Minecraft is one of the biggest and most successful video game IPs in recent history.

Minecraft is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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Source: JayCubTruth, YouTube

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