Outright Games Unwrapped reveals family-friendly games lineup

Outright Games Unwrapped has just premiered, and it announced a host of upcoming family-friendly licensed titles from the publisher, such as Paw Patrol, Star Trek, DC Justice League, and more.

Welcome to what could be the only family-focused games round-up we get from this year’s events. Outright Games has just premiered its first-ever digital games showcase, and it brought with it a handful of titles that look like they’ll be awesome additions to your child’s games library. Here is everything coming to Xbox in the near future.

“OG Unwrapped is a statement from us; we’ve spent years building our reputation as industry-leading creators of family-friendly video games, and we want to begin talking directly to our wider audience and all the millions of fans of our games out there,” says Outright Games’ president Terry Malham: “We’ve got the best lineup of games we’ve ever had launching in the next year, and despite all our growth and success in recent years, we’re still just beginning to tap into the huge potential we see in the world of kids’ interactive entertainment.”

Dreamworks Dragons: Legends of The Nine Realms

Soar and dive through unexplored realms of fire, ice, and beyond. Use your speed, tail, and claws to defeat the strange creatures and giant bosses in your way. Level up Thunder to become the ultimate hero and choose which new powers to unlock. All dragon kind is depending on you!

Stepping (flying?) into the role of the show’s new leading lizards, Plowhorn, Wu & Wei, Feathers, and Thunder, you’ll need to begin on an adventure beyond the Hidden World to save the dragon kingdoms and rescue Thunder’s family. The adventure will take you through five unexplored realms in the game’s main story, as well as featuring a Challenge Mode with replayable levels that increase in difficulty after the first time you beat them.

Dreamworks Dragons: Legends of The Nine Realms is a single-player action-adventure RPG developed by A Heartful of Games. It’s set to launch on September 23rd for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Stadia.

Paw Patrol: Grand Prize

Join Ryder and his furry friends as they race around Adventure Bay, Jake’s Snowboarding Resort and the Jungle to find out who can put their pedal to the metal and be crowned the winner. Watch out for the sneaky Mayor Humdinger, who could be just around the corner to turn your race into a crazy catastrophe!

Head to the tarmacked tracks of Adventure Bay in this four-player split-screen kart racer. It features ten of the show’s pups, such as Chase, Marshal and Skye, as well as Ryder and each of their vehicles. You’ll have 11 tracks to race around, a hard mode to master, customization items to unlock, and a naughty Mayor Humdinger to dodge.

Paw Patrol: Grand Prix is ​​developed by 3DClouds and will launch on September 30th for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Stadia.

LOL Surprise! BBs Born to Travel

Fans around the world can’t wait to unbox their own LOL Surprise! doll – and you’re about to make their dreams come true! Choose your character and collect fabulous LOL Surprise! dolls with glitter, hearts, diamonds and more!

Embodying the form of a customizable LOL Surprise! doll, you’ll be tasked with delivering LOL balls to fans around the world, traveling to five different cities across 30 levels. You’ll run your own toy store with up to four other players and attempt to complete customers’ orders by creating the dolls they’ve requested. You’ll unlock a host of customizable items along the way, as well as have the ability to show them off at shows and music concerts.

LOL Surprise! BBs Born to Travel is developed by Xaloc Studios and will launch on October 7th for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Stadia.

Star Trek Prodigy: Supernova

After the Protostar picks up strange readings from a dying star, Dal R’El and Gwyndala must race against time to save their friends, their ship, new alien species and an entire planetary system before a
supernova destroys them all!

Playing as Dal R’El and Gwyndala in single-player or co-op, you’ll need to battle robot armies, solve puzzles, survive hostile environments, and save your crewmates in this action-adventure game. As you work your way through the missions, you’ll have the chance to customize your Protostar ship and explore three planets: Orisi, Mirios, and Taresse, to make contact with a new alien species. It won’t all be fun and games, though, because you’re being hunted by a deadly new enemy.

Star Trek Prodigy: Supernova is developed by Tessera Studios and will launch on October 14th for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Stadia.

DC Justice League

Details on this are a little thin and it doesn’t currently have an official title yet, but Outright Games has provided us with a few snippets of info. It’ll be an action-adventure game with split-screen co-op, featuring some of the “most iconic superheroes on the planet,” as well as the dastardly villains we know and love from the CD universe.

DC Justice League is being developed by PHL Collective and is planned to launch in 2023 for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

What do you think of this lineup? Will you be keeping an eye on any of the announced titles? Let us know down below!

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