Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Details Plans for PlayStation’s Growth at Corporate Strategy Meeting

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Sony Interactive Entertainment has released the details of its corporate strategy meeting for the financial year of 2022, which took place recently at the company’s head office in Tokyo, Japan, and was hosted by SIE CEO Kenichiro Yoshida and CFO Hiroki Totoki. While most of the meeting was about Sony’s plans moving forward as a whole, a lot of the meeting was also about the future of PlayStation.

According to the meeting, Sony plans on continuing its investment in video games. The recent Bungie acquisition was also brought up as playing a key role for Sony in the long term, thanks to Bungie’s experience and knowledge in running live service games.

Yoshida also answered a few questions during the Q&A session of the meeting, where the CEO stated that when it comes to acquiring new studios and companies, Sony considers whether it would be able to contribute to the studio.

Another key area of ​​growth for Sony is the ability to make use of its gaming IPs for adaptation in other styles of media. An example shown off in the presentation was the Uncharted movie and its commercial success. Yoshida has stated that Sony is going to continue to raise the value of its gaming properties through cross-promotions and adaptations.

Yoshida also shared a few key figures for the growth of PlayStation’s business. A lot of these details were revealed during Sony’s earnings call earlier this month. The company expects to sale around 18 million units of the PS5 in this fiscal year (up to March 31, 2023). PlayStation Network’s new PS Plus service is also scheduled to roll out in June, expanding the revenue from the subscription service.

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