PS5 console covers: When you can buy, colours, specs and more

If you’ve managed to pick up a PlayStation 5 but aren’t a particularly big fan of the white colourway, Sony has launched a new line of faceplates to make them more customizable.

The three new colors join the existing line of midnight black and cosmic red faceplates currently available and customers will be able to buy them when they launch in June 2022.

The three new colors – starlight blue, galactic purple and nova pink – also match the existing range of matching dualsense controllers (£64.99, for both the disc and digital versions of the console.

These covers were originally announced back in December 2021 and since then, the new choice of colors have been immensely popular with PlayStation fans looking to give their consoles a significant glow up.

If you want to find out when the new faceplates will be released and when you can buy them, then keep reading the rest of the article below.


PlayStation launched its own line of custom faceplates back in January 2022 after some lengthy legal disputes with third-party manufacturers. While fans of the console continue to customize their own designs to put a unique spin on the PS5, these remain the most “official” way to add some flare to the gaming device that sits under your TV.

For £44.99, players have a choice between starlight blue, galactic purple and nova pink, as well as the existing midnight black and cosmic red colourways. The new plates are designed to simply click into place once the old covers have been removed and it will also help buyers from voiding their warranty.

Do take note that the disc edition and digital edition will each require their own set of faceplates so if you happen to own the disc-drive free console then make sure you’re purchasing the right set of plates, otherwise they won’t fit onto your (slightly) slimmer console.

Available from 17 June

Other custom PS5 covers you can buy

If you can’t wait to get your hands on the blue, purple or pink PS5 covers, then there are other custom PS5 faceplates already available to purchase from Playstation.


Right now, there are two different choices: midnight black and cosmic red. The black casing is reminiscent of previous Playstation console generations (£44.99, while the fetching red cover adds a nice burgundy finish to your next-generation console (£44.99,

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