DNF Duel for PS5, PS4, & PC Gets New Trailer Revealing Story Mode, Gallery, & Glossary


Today Nexon and Arc System Works revealed a new trailer of their upcoming fighting game DNF Duel, focusing on the story mode.

Today Nexon and Arc System Works revealed a new trailer of their upcoming fighting game DNF Duel.

The trailer mostly focuses on the game’s story mode, which is narrated with lovely illustrations. On top of that, we take a look at the gallery mode and the glossary.

You can watch it below.

DNF Duel is coming for PS5, PS4, and PC on June 28, 2022. You can check out more videos showcasing the basics of the game.

Dungeon Fighter Online, which inspired this title, is one of the most played games in the world if you look at actual revenue, so it was pretty much a matter of time for it to expand to other genres and markets.

If you want to see more, you can watch the latest full gameplay trailer, the previous one from a few months ago, and another from 2020, and see how the game evolved. Several character trailers include the Berserker, the Inquisitor, the Grappler, the Striker, the Ranger, and the Hitman, the Dragon Knight, the Vanguard, the Kunoichi, the Crusader, and the Ghost Blade.

You can also hear about the results of the original beta test directly from director Ryosuke Kodani from Arc System Works.

Here’s how the developer describes the game:

  • One of the most popular and widely played RPGs in the world, Dungeon and Fighter is now back as a 2.5D action fighting game
  • Choose from 10 charming characters, each with their own distinct skills and personalities
  • Outsmart, outplay, or downright beat up your opponents and become the master of the Ultimate Will
  • Whether it’s the lightning-fast and flashy gunshots of the sly Ranger or the uninhibited raw power of the frenzied Berserker, each character’s iconic traits have been heightened and reworked
  • Sit Back and Relax with Smooth Online Gameplay – Hop online with ease to duel against your friends or other challengers worldwide

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