Crystar review for Nintendo Switch

Sometimes, you just need to have one good, soul-cleansing cry.

It’s a lesson that Crystar teaches again and again as it parades a cavalcade of protagonists with one unfortunate story after another. There’s personal sadness. And then there’s the unparalleled misery that befalls the game’s cast.

At the same time, Crystar, which gets new life on the Nintendo Switch, also provides an interesting take on shedding tears. Oftentimes, crying is seen as a form of weakness — a sign that someone is unable to handle their own emotions. In Crystar, however, weeping can become a source of strength, ultimately proving to be a weapon that can be wielded against the very things that cause those tears.

You start the game from the perspective of a butterfly trapped in a dark desolate world. Bereft of memories or even a sense of self, the butterfly wanders aimlessly through the void, occasionally bumping into other butterflies who recount their own agonizing moments in life before eventually forgetting who they are.

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