Inside some of the world’s most violent video games from Evil Dead to Mortal Kombat X

Evil Dead: The Game is finally here, and gamers are buzzing to play the latest iteration of the popular asymmetrical multiplayer genre.

Based on Sam Raimi’s demented 80s B-movie of the same name, Evil Dead is a five player survival horror game in the vein of ‘Death by Daylight’.

It sees four human characters team up against a powerful human-controlled enemy online, with classic weapons, monsters and environments from the classic film.

With Evil Dead: The Game set to see gamers splatter virtual blood across thousands of screens, let’s take a look at some of the most violent video games ever made—and see how they compare.

Warning: this article discusses graphic violence and sexual content

Martha Is Dead: censored by Sony for ‘extreme’ content

Martha is Dead was only released in March this year, but has already made its way to the top of censors’ lists for its ‘extreme’ violence and sexual content.

This psychological horror game, available on PS4 and PS5, is set during the final year of World War 2 in an asylum in Italy. It follows the downward spiral of Giulia, the twin sister of Martha, as she ventures into madness trying to find out who killed her sister.

The game proved too much even for Sony bigwigs, who forced developers LKA to censor some of the game’s more graphic scenes. These included a ‘face peeling’ scene where players must slice off a dead woman’s face using a necklace, as well as a level where the player cuts a fetus out of a womb.

Other references to masturbation, abortion and suicide were also toned down. Players can now choose to remove these more graphic scenes from the game using the settings menu.

The developers of 'Martha Is Dead' were forced to add censorship options to remove violent and sexual scenes
The developers of ‘Martha Is Dead’ were forced to add censorship options to remove violent and sexual scenes

Mortal Kombat X: bloody ‘fatalities’ feature sees spines ripped from mouths

The tenth main installment in the long-running arcade fighter series, Mortal Kombat X attracted both praise and criticism for its take on the brutal ‘Fatalities’ feature.

These bloody finisher moves depict a winner of a match violently killing their opponent in all sorts of deranged ways, from pulling out their internal organs with telekinesis to ripping out their spinal cords via the mouth.

One fatality even features the freaky Kitana clone character eating a kebab made out of her opponent’s decapitated head before dropping it to the floor. Delicious.

The developers of 'Martha Is Dead' were forced to add censorship options to remove violent and sexual scenes
Mortal Kombat is notorious for its brutal ‘fatality’ feature where players kill opponents in disgusting ways

Manhunt: ‘a disgusting murder simulator with no reason to exist’

Once called the “most violent game ever made” and a “disgusting murder simulator with no reason to exist” by a Chicago Tribune critic, Rockstar’s notorious PS2 game Manhunt saw a death row prisoner take part in a series of snuff films where players had to murder criminal gangsters on camera.

The game featured gruesome ‘executions’ that saw it get banned in several countries in 2003.

UK stores including GAME and Dixons dropped the game from the shelves, while it was even implicated in the murder of 14-year-old Stefan Pakeerah in 2004, with the victim’s parents arguing that the game had influenced the murderer’s actions.

Take-Two Interactive, which helped make the game, released a statement denying the claims, saying “At sentencing the Judge, defense, prosecution and Leicester police all emphasized that Manhunt played no part in the case.”


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