PlayStation Plus Premium May Include A Fan Favourite PS2 Series

The system will be a little different from what we’re currently used to. Rather than one flat rate there will be three tiers available. The first, Essential, costs ₤7 and is your standard PS Plus service, with access to online and a couple of games. Extra costs ₤4 more, and will offer over a hundred games from the PS4 and PS5 library, much like Sony’s version of Xbox Game Pass. The Premium tier costs almost ₤14, but with it you’ve have access to PlayStation’s games on PC, as well as hundreds of classic games from the PS1 and PS2 libraries as well.

If you want to see the difference between PS3 graphics and PS5, check out our comparison of Grand Theft Auto V in the video below.

Fans have been speculating over what games they would like to be added to the classic service, though it is likely we won’t hear the official line up until shortly before its June launch. Still, there have been clues as to what could be in the works.

As spotted by Gematsu, Universal Entertainment filed a trademark in Japan for Shadow Hearts which was made public yesterday (11 May). Speaking to the website last year, Universal stated that there were no plans for a Shadow Hearts “remake, sequel, or the introduction of game machines using its characters or stories” in the works.

The Shadow Hearts franchise consists of the one game set in the world for the PS1, followed by a trilogy of RPGs made for the PS2. The four games are 2000’s Koudelka, 2001’s Shadow Hearts, 2004’s Shadow Hearts: Covenantand 2005’s Shadow Hearts: From The New World.

The trademark doesn’t mean that a new Shadow Hearts game is in the works, or that the original titles are necessarily coming to the new PS Plus, but we can live in hope.


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