New PS5 Model Seemingly Registered By Sony, But Is It PS5 Pro?

A new PlayStation 5 model has apparently been registered by Sony, causing some to speculate that maybe the PS5 Pro is finally on its way.

According to new information sourced from Japan, the playstation5 could be getting a sibling console similar to what the PlayStation 4 Pro was to the original PS4. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo have all been known in recent years for releasing new versions of their consoles with enhanced designs and new features in order to sell more and keep console gaming competitive with the power of PC gaming. At least in the case of PlayStation, this has likely driven extra sales for last generation’s console line; it’s even reported that upwards of one in five PS4 sales are PS4 Pros.

PS5 has already had two versions since launch: the original design and the digital edition that doesn’t take discs. However, console redesigns during a generation are typically used to either increase the console’s functionality and power or offer a cheaper, less powerful alternative, such as the Nintendo Switch Lite. The PS5 received a small redesign in 2021 that didn’t introduce anything new but included new components for the existing software to take advantage of. It was also reported last year that another PS5 redesign was planned for 2022, leading to speculation that the latest information is confirmation that said report is going as planned.


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A new PS5 model was registered in Japan, and it’s reasonable to wonder if this could be a PS5 Pro. One piece of intrigue that Video Games Chronicle points out is that the new model is a “CFI-1200“series one. While”PS5 launch hardware uses a CFI-1XXX model numbering scheme,” the most recent revised hardware form 2021 comes with CFI-11XX naming. This could be a new, exciting piece of hardware, or this could be another component update. Neither is out of the question, but one could understand if the former was just wishful thinking since the tech industry is still suffering from semiconductor shortages that severely bottlenecked the original production of this generation’s consoles.

PS5 Update Graphics VRR

The timeline for a PS5 Pro is intriguing, though, given the PS4 Pro was released days before the PS4’s third birthday. If the PS5 followed a similar release schedule, the gaming community wouldn’t see a PS5 Pro until November 2023. It’s entirely possible that the redesign is still in the works and may not launch until next year, but the gap between the registration of this model and the release that would satisfy the PS4 Pro timeline is a full year and a half. Furthermore, it’s only been a year and a half since the initial PS5 launch, and while a PS5 Pro or similar product may be in development at PlayStation, it seems a bit early in the console’s life cycle to already have a PS5 Pro registered in Japan .

Further PS4 comparisons may in fact confirm that the new model will not be a PS4 Pro. PS4 model numbering is very similar to the PS5’s, taking on the form of CUH-XXXX and beginning with CUH-1XXX. Unfortunately for PS5 Pro hopefuls, PS4 Pro launched with CUH-7XXX codes; even the PS4 Slim launched with CUH-2XXX numbering. If PS5 follows similar numbering, it’s likely that the PS5 CFI-1200 involves important changes to the internal architecture as opposed to flashy new features, increased power, or an updated aesthetic. PS4 CUH-1200 launched with a totally different interior that included redesigned power supplies, new eject buttons for discs, and smaller motherboards. These sorts of updates could be what are in store for the next PS5 redesign, and though there’s plenty of value here for hardware, it’s unlikely this is the PS5 Pro that fans are hoping for.

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Source: Video Games Chronicle

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