Behind The Frame Launching for Switch and PS4

Every painting can be a masterpiece if you choose to make it so. Akupara Games has announced its critically acclaimed puzzle game Behind The Frame is setting up shop on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on June 2n/a. Additionally, a new tale is being woven in the form of additional content, and it will be available on launch day.

The news comes as a surprise announcement from Akupara Games, publisher of Behind The Frame. Behind the Frame was originally launched in 2021 for Android, iOS, and Steam. Behind the Frame is an artistic interactive puzzle and visual fiction, focusing on a young artist finishing her greatest masterpieces. In the spirit of breathtaking animated Studio Ghibli films, the game is a colorful voyage, filled with a panoramic world and gorgeous animation. Designed to be played at their own pace, players work on various pieces, touching up and completing works. With one final art piece remaining to be submitted to the art gallery, one stroke uncovers a deeply emotional story that must be uncovered. As of this posting Behind The Frame sits at the coveted Overwhelmingly Positive ranking on Steam, with a score of 96% out of 2,503 user reviews.

The developer, Silver Lining Studio, is updated the game for play on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The new content has been teased as a brand new story that runs parallel to the original tale. Owners of the game will be receiving the new story for free via download on the day the game launches for PlayStation and Nintendo.

Seeing games like Behind The Frame succeed is another testimony to the emotional connection players finds with video games. Furthermore, it’s another testimony to the necessity of stories and good storytelling games, especially tales that can resonate and connect with players. While it’s not known how Behind the Frame will resonate with players on PlayStation or Nintendo, they are bound to find a story they won’t soon forget.

Behind The Frame launches on June 2n/a, 2022 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, with new content released for new and existing platforms.

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