PS5: How To Modify Capture Settings?

Welcome to our guide “PS5: How To Modify Capture Settings?”. The PS5’s capture settings are necessary if you want to save your top gaming videos & photos. From WebM to MP4, changing current gameplay clip durations, basic edits, and the details of all the videos you collect, we’ll show you how to modify the capture settings below.

PS5: How To Modify Capture Settings?

How to modify capture video format in PS5?

WebM or the most accessible MP4 are the two video capture formats available for the PS5. To switch between WebM and MP4 on your PS5, go to Settings via the small cog in the upper right corner of the main menu, beside your profile, then scroll down to Captures and Broadcasts. Trophies, Broadcasts and Captures are the three choices available. When you select Captured, the third option will be ‘Video Clip Format.’ When you select it, you’ll be allowed to modify the format, resolution, as well as audio choices.

How to modify the gameplay video duration in PS5?

Similar to PS4, you can save something nice by double pressing the Create button. The default has been set to 30 seconds, so you need to adjust it to save more. To edit the PS5 gameplay clip length, go to Settings in the upper right and click Capture and Broadcast Options. Choose “Shortcuts for Create Button” within Captures. This displays the controls and allows you to modify the “Length of Recent Gameplay Video Clip”. You can choose from fifteen seconds, thirty seconds, three minutes, five minutes, fifteen minutes, thirty minutes, or one hour. Choose what you need and that’s it!

How to modify screenshot format in PS5?

You may not need to adjust the PS5 screenshot format, but there are several useful options to consider. Go to Settings and scroll below to the Capture and Broadcast Options. First Captures has a Screenshot Format choice. You can pick from jpg & png formats, and to or not to use HDR on the screens. Note that HDR looks best on an HDR-capable screen, so it isn’t always the best pick.

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