New Gotham Knights Announcement Has Fans Seeing Red

Reactions to the change in platforms have been mixed, although it seems like there is one key divide. Many people with one or both of the new consoles are happy about the news, as they think the old versions will hold the “Gotham Knights” back. Those who don’t have the new systems aren’t happy because they want to play the game. One fan wrote on Twitter, “Thanks for leaving the [PS4] players behind. [You] know most people can’t even get a hold of those consoles.” @Wedel9expressed similar sentiments on the last-gen versions being canceled.

Over on Reddit, some gamers seemed pleased by the decision to drop the old consoles for “Gotham Knights.” One person said, “Nice, glad to see devs moving away from the old systems. Hopefully more consoles will be available by then.” A second individual agreed, pointing out that almost two years have gone by since the new console generations debuted. Another person brought up WB releasing “Shadow of Mordor” on Xbox 360 and PS3, but someone else quickly reminded them that the last-gen version of that game was cut down significantly. Ultimately, only time will tell if WB Games Montreal and Warner Bros. Interactive made the right move for their latest project.

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