Director Of Uncharted Series Says Characters Are “Retired”

It’s almost funny at times what can become a hit in the video game world if you’re able to make things quality and fun. When Uncharted was first unveiled for the PS3, it got the nickname of “Dude Raider” because that’s all that people saw it as, a male-version of Tomb Raider. But as time went on, and the games started to keep coming out, people saw the wonder of them, and that led to many major-selling titles, not the least of which was Drake’s Deception, and of course, A Thief’s End. But was it really the end?

Apparently so, or at least, in its own way. Because as you can see in the tweet above, Uncharted 4 writer and director Neil Druckmann made it clear while celebrating the anniversary of the 4th main game that the characters were “retired”. Which makes sense given the plot of the title itself and how it was supposed to be “A Thief’s End”.

However, as fans know, just because something is “the end”, doesn’t mean it’s over. We got The Lost Legacy afterward and it more than made up for the “loss” of Nathan Drake. Plus, some people think that Nathan Drake’s kid (based on content in A Thief’s End) will be the protagonist of the next game should they make one.

Another factor here was that the Uncharted movie wasn’t a bomb. It wasn’t a super hit, but it did well enough and didn’t embarrass itself depending on who you ask. So as such, people might just be wanting to play another game in the series depending on how it works out.

Not to mention, Naughty Dog might be more open as of late given certain things they’ve been doing in their games. So while it’s the end of one story, it doesn’t mean the whole franchise is done…yet.

Source: Twitter

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