The delayed Resident Evil Re:Verse has been rated for Stadia

Resident Evil Re:Verse, the upcoming multiplayer Resident Evil game that was supposed to launch in summer 2021, has been rated for another platform.

While the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions of the game were rated over a year ago, Gematsu points out that the game was classified for Stadia over the weekend, suggesting it could re-emerge soon.

Capcom hasn’t given an official update on the game since it was delayed last year.

Resident Evil – Netflix Teaser Trailer

Developed by Capcom in partnership with RE Resistance studio NeoBards, Re:Verse sees players controlling Resident Evil characters, each with unique weapons and skills, in 4-6-player five-minute deathmatches.

Players must collect virus samples litered around the map which increase their damage and accuracy.

Once killed, players are transformed into monsters and can continue to attack other players. The type of monster players turn into is also determined by how many virus samples they collect before being defeated. Get enough and they can become a Tyrant.

Capcom held three Re:Verse beta tests last April, although the first one suffered from technical problems.

Re:Verse will be available free for owners of Resident Evil Village, which was released last May for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC and Stadia.

At one point it had been assumed by some players that the games would launch simultaneously, but a Capcom spokesperson told VGC that a Resident Evil Re:Verse launch window had not actually previously been communicated.