Artist Reimagines Portal in Unreal Engine 5

With the recent release of Unreal Engine 5, many are seeing what some older games look like with a fresh coat of paint, including the original Portal.

Even in the space of just a few years, advancements in video game graphics have improved quite significantly. The likes of Unreal Engine and Unity are some of the most popular game engines, helping the industry move forward. Recently, UE5 was launched, and there are a number of titles that are currently being made in it. In addition to that, independent artists and modders are using the powerful toolkit to reimagine older games in a newer light. Take the original Portal from 2007 as an example.


Alfred Beddow, a UK-based 3D modeler and environmental designer, has shown off some renderings of the classic Valve puzzle game created in Unreal Engine 5. The result is a pretty spectacular example of just how far gaming visuals have come in a relatively short space of time. Specifically, they have reimagined Test Chamber 00, the first level in Portalwith each asset being individually remade and including some 8K resolutions as well.

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Done for a university portfolio, Beddow’s modern rendering looks fantastic, with a lot of crisp detail and realistic lighting. While the original hasn’t actually aged that much, this reimagining really brings the 15-year-old title into the modern era. While some fans are keen to do a demake of Portal, with one downgrading the visuals of the game to make it look like an N64 release, there’s evidently room in the community for making it also look more up-to-date. It should be stated that Beddow’s project is an artistic rendering and does not represent a remake that’s currently in development.

Although they are games that feature thought provoking puzzles, both Portal installments are celebrated entries in the genre because of the story, character arcs, and humor which often borders on quite dark. The performances of Ellen McLain, Stephen Merchant, and JK Simmons as GLaDOS, Wheatley, and Cave Johnson, respectively, are part of what make the two games stand out. Of course, the puzzles themselves were pretty genius, but the narrative that encases the games is what makes them beloved to this day.

It’s a shame there’s no continuation for the series, even if one of the original writers insists on a new game. Tea Portal series has been left hanging in the lurch, at least officially, another example of Valve not putting out a third installment. Many would no doubt love to see where things go after the events of the second game, but the antics of Chell and her arch nemesis are unlikely to make a return. All fans can really do is keep making wonderful pieces of art like this to help keep Aperture Science alive.

Portal is available on Mobile, PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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Source: ArtStation, DSO Gaming

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