PlayStation ramps up its PC support with new senior director role

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Which PlayStation games do you want ported to PC next? (pic: Sony)

Sony is seeking someone to lead its growth on PC, all but confirming more PC ports of PlayStation exclusives.

In just a couple of years, Sony has developed a strong presence on PC by releasing some of its big-name exclusives for the platform. Horizon Zero Dawn, God Of War, and Days Gone have all made the jump, with Uncharted: Legacy Of Thieves Collection about to follow.

Anyone who may still think that Sony’s PC efforts are just short-lived experiments should know that’s clearly not the case. The company already has a dedicated PlayStation PC label for its PC ports and now it’s looking for a new senior director for PC planning and strategy.

In a newly spotted job listing, Sony is looking for someone who will ‘lead PC growth and commercial strategy’ and ‘build and grow global commercial PC partner opportunities.’

All this really means is that Sony is committed to PC support and is eager to expand its presence in the market. So, don’t be surprised if more PlayStation exclusives like Ghost Of Tsushima and Horizon Forbidden West eventually make their way to PC.

While more PC ports is a given, the next logical step would be to release PC versions of games at the same time as their PlayStation counterparts. Former PlayStation boss Shawn Layden once said that this will never happen, but perhaps strategies at Sony have changed since he left.

More recently, Sony made it possible to update the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller through your PC, bringing it one step close to proper DualSense support.

Currently, you can use the DualSense with PC games, but only a handful allow you to make use of the controller’s adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. Plus, none of them are first party games; they’re all from third party developers or publishers.

This even includes Kojima Production’s Death Stranding. While it was published by Sony on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, it didn’t handle the PC port – that was published by 505 Games instead.

Aside from releasing its PlayStation games to Steam and the Epic Games Store, it looks like they’ll start appearing on other streaming services too. Recently, God Of War was added to Nvidia GeForce Now, although there are no confirmed plans for more first party games to follow.

You can see the job listing for yourself on recruitment site Greenhouse.

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