Moving to the Beat-land: Telekom Electronic Beats takes on the Roblox metaverse – Tech

What was behind the decision to host a live show at a virtual club on Roblox?

I’ve always been a tech nerd in every sense of the word and I’m into computer games, digital worlds, anything to do with the future, and VR. When I got the request, I was really happy to be able to combine my interests with my passion for music.

Have you been familiar with Roblox before you decided to take part in this project? What was your experience with the game?

I have heard about Roblox and in general about the ongoing increase in users in the gaming industry. Therefore, I was really excited to learn more about it.

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As Electronic Beats launches the first nightclub on Roblox universe, what’s your perspective. Do you think gaming and electronic music have a symbiotic relationship?

Good question. On the one hand, I think it makes sense and it is logical that there are also nightclubs in such parallel universes where people can go to parties digitally. But all in all, I think electronic music and computer games go very well together. Just from the technical factor. And also at parties we are for some time in a kind of parallel world, in which it is at best peaceful and always fun, just like at Beatland by Electronic Beats via Roblox.

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