Modern Warfare 2 Casually Teased On Social Media


Activision and Infinity Ward decided today was a good day to tease Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 with a social media teaser. Usually, when you see teasers like this, there tends to be some kind of preamble for it to psyche the fans up and make them guess as to what’s on the way. While the company had announced there would eventually be a sequel to the 2019 relaunched hit, there was no indication made as to when it might come down the pipeline considering how other CoD properties had been lined up and performing. Especially with Warzone doing so well, it’s possible (if they wanted to) to skip a year for new releases and coast on seasonal updates for Black Ops Cold War gold Vanguard if they wanted.

Coll Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Casually Teased On Social Media
Credit: Activision

However, that was never going to be a reality, and people already predicted online that it was probably going to be a three-year cycle before we saw the next entry into this specific series. So it wasn’t too surprising to see both companies casually drop the announcement that Modern Warfare 2 was on the way this year. The news came in a Twitter post, which you can see here, simply saying “The new era of call of duty is coming” with a look at the game’s new logo.

The design is nice and a fast improvement over what now feels like a generic-looking title art for the previous sequel in the series. As to what the main theme of this game will be, several outlets reported that the game’s storyline will be centered around the ongoing drug war against the Columbian cartels. However, aside from the main operators from the previous game, there’s been no confirmation of returning cast from the franchise. We wouldn’t be too surprised if something is already being planned for Summer Game Fest in June.

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