Last of Us TV Show Star Pokes Fun at Pedro Pascal’s Video Game Skills

Bella Ramsey, who plays Ellie in HBO’s upcoming adaptation of The Last of Us, pokes fun at Pedro Pascal by saying he has no video game skills.

Bella Ramsey, star of HBO’s upcoming The Last of Us TV show, pokes fun at Pedro Pascal’s poor video game skills. The Last of Us video game originally came out in 2013 and has since become one of PlayStation’s most popular exclusive titles, leading to a sequel in 2020. In March 2020, Naughty Dog announced they had teamed with HBO to bring a live-action adaptation of the first game to the small screen. About a year later, Pascal was announced to be playing Joel and Ramsey as Ellie. The first season will be 10 episodes, with HBO hiring a handful of directors for the series, including Neil Druckmann, who wrote both of Naughty Dog’s Last of Us video games.


HBO has only released one official image of the series that showed Ellie and Joel looking at airplane wreckage in the distance. Other than this, fans have had to rely on leaked The Last of Us set photos to get a feel for how faithful the series will be to its source material. Pascal has reassured fans in the past that the adaptation is in good hands with Druckmann and fellow showrunner Craig Mazin (Chernobyl) since they are incredibly passionate about the franchise. The actor also previously revealed that he hadn’t played either of The Last of Us games, explaining he only played a few minutes of the first one before handing it to his nephew for help.

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Pascal seems to be able to make fun of himself, and now Ramsey is doing the same. When a fan on Twitter told her she needed to make Pascal play the whole game, Ramsey responded by saying the actor doesn’t have any video game skills. Check out the original Twitter exchange below:

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Since The Last of Us is not expected to air until 2023, it could be a while before HBO releases a new look at the show, let alone a full-length trailer. However, Ramsey and Pascal have both been good about giving fans updates. Pascal previously compared The Last of Us to The Mandalorian, saying that the series will make long-time fans of the games happy while being able to attract a new audience. Ramsey has also commented that The Last of Us is the biggest show she has ever worked on, which says a lot since she previously starred in Game Of Thrones.

With the popularity of The Last of Usthere are high expectations for HBO to adapt the video game successfully. And just because Pascal hasn’t played the video games doesn’t mean he can’t play a great Joel. Pascal is an experienced actor appearing in big shows like Game Of Thrones and The Mandalorianso he has no doubt done his research for The Last of Us. The actor could have easily watched a playthrough online or even studied the character while his nephew played the game. In the end, Ramsey poking fun at Pascal shouldn’t be a cause for concern but rather a sign that they have a fun chemistry together on set.

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