Five older PlayStation games appear on PSN server before PS Plus launch

Five PS1 and PSP games have been found on PlayStation Network (PSN) servers, providing an early look at some of the retro titles that may launch with Sony’s revamped PlayStation Plus service.

As datamined by Reddit user The_Andshrew (via VGC), artwork for five older PlayStation games have appeared on PSN’s backend servers.

The games include Ridge Racers 2 for the PSP, and four other PS1 games – Mr Driller, tekken 2, Worms Armageddonand Worms World Party.

While nothing’s been confirmed just yet, the datamine seems to provide an early look at some of the games that will launch as part of PlayStation Plus’ upcoming reshuffle. Earlier in the month, four Siphon Filter games received ratings for a PS4 and PS5 launch – though it’s unclear if these titles will appear as part of PlayStation Plus, or if something else is in the works.

Siphon Filter.  Credit: BendStudio.
Siphon Filter. Credit: BendStudios.

Back in March, Sony announced that the subscription-based service will undergo a significant rebrand. Part of these changes include the addition of PlayStation Plus Premium, which will offer an extra 340 games – including titles from PS1, PS2 and PSP platforms.

However, don’t expect to see many of PlayStation’s first-party titles appear on the service from day one. PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan has shared that it’s “not a road that we’re going to go down with this new service,” however later added that “all the big names” will be present.

“We have big publishers, we have small indie publishers. We have over 200 partners working with us to put their content into PlayStation Plus, so the lineup is going to be really strong,” said Ryan.

Last week, Sony announced that these changes are expected to launch in Europe on June 22, but will launch in less than a month in Asia.

In other gaming news, Facebook’s parent company Meta has reportedly lost £2.3billion in just three months through its VR division.

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