Xbox & Bethesda Showcase Announced – Will We See…

Microsoft and Bethesda will hold their own event this summer to show off their newest games. See all the details here!

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Microsoft and Bethesda will show off their upcoming games soon. | © Microsoft

There might not be an E3 this year, but that hasn’t stopped publishers before. A lot of companies will have their own shows, and we just got the first announcement for one of those. Xbox & Bethesda will hold their own showcase, as they just announced on Twitter. When will it be, what will it be, and will we see Starfield? Let’s check out all the details.

When Will The Xbox & Bethesda Showcase Happen?

The “Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase” as it’s officially called, will be held on June 12, 10 AM PT/1 PM ET/6 PM BST. You’ll be able to watch the presentation on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and even TikTok.

What Will We See At The Xbox & Bethesda Showcase?

That’s not quite clear yet, as neither Microsoft and Bethesda have given concrete details yet. However, according to the official announcement, we will see “amazing titles coming from Xbox Game Studios, Bethesda, and our partners around the world”. Microsoft gave a further statement on what to expect from the show. Here is the full statement:

The Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase will include everything you need to know about the diverse lineup of games coming soon to the Xbox ecosystem, including upcoming releases to Game Pass on Xbox and PC.

Will Starfield Be At The Xbox & Bethesda Showcase?

Yes. That’s extremely likely. But we don’t really know yet, since neither Bethesda nor Microsoft have officially confirmed it yet. However, considering that the game is supposed to come out in Novemberthat more and more leaks are popping up and that we got first glimpses of the gameit’s high time that Bethesda finally show what they are cooking up there.

And that’s all on the Xbox & Bethesda showcase. Like we said, it’s going to happen on June 12, so more than enough time for hype and leaks to come up. As soon as the event happens, we will keep you updated on everything shown there.


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