Uncharted’s Nolan North Reveals Game Easter Eggs You Missed In The Movie

The PlayStation Twitter account recently posted a Nolan North-narrated video all about the Uncharted movie’s various video game Easter eggs.

PlayStation teamed up with Nathan Drake himself, Nolan Northto outline every game Easter egg in the Tom Holland-starring Uncharted movie. After approximately 10 years of fits and starts, Sony Pictures finally released an Uncharted film in theaters earlier this year with Tom Holland cast as Nate and Mark Wahlberg assuming the role of Victor Sullivan. Because of the film’s box office success, the movie studio has already declared Uncharted a movie franchise, suggesting at least Holland and Wahlberg will go on at least one more globe-trotting adventure together.

Tea Uncharted IP itself turns 15 this year, its first game – Drake’s Fortune – hitting store shelves for the PS3 in 2007. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves launched only two years later, setting a new bar for cinematic presentation and storytelling in games. Developer Naughty Dog rolled out the third and fourth mainline installments in 2013 and 2016, respectively, effectively bringing Nathan Drake’s journey to a heartwarming end. Fortunately, Uncharted’s Chloe and Nadine-centric standalone title, Lost Legacyalong with the ending of Uncharted 4hints the game series could live on without Nate at the helm.


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With the Uncharted film now available to purchase on digital storefronts, PlayStation has released an Easter egg video narrated by none other than Nolan North. The video runs about three minutes in length, recounting many of the Uncharted game-related Easter eggs that viewers may have missed in the live-action movie. One such reference includes North’s ad-libbed”Kitty Got Wet” line, which appears as a sign over the Manhattan bar in Uncharted’s movie adaptation. Tea “well, well, well” quote delivered by Sully in Uncharted 3 comes up on the big screen as well, though Nate is the one who says it this time around. North also calls attention to the game series’ music cues that viewers may hear in the film. See the full video below:

Of course, some of the more obvious game Easter Eggs included the plane sequence, Nate’s regular use of the word, “crap,” and Tom Holland’s version of the character eventually giving the iconic gun holster. Eagle-eyed fans of the long-running game series may also spot a Naughty Dog sticker and Nolan North appearing as a hotel guest on the beach.

While Sony seems keen on investing in yet another Tom Holland-starring movie franchise, there’s no official word on whether a new Uncharted game will see the light of day anytime soon. Unsubstantiated reports claim that another entry is in the works, though, with series creator Naughty Dog apparently serving in a supervisory role.

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Source: PlayStation/Twitter

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