Sonic creator Yuji Naka goes nuclear: ‘I don’t think Square Enix cares about games’

Yuji Naka, the famous game designer best-known for his years at Sega and as the head of Sonic Team, has posted an extraordinary condemnation of Square Enix and its approach to making games. The remarks, posted to Naka’s social media account and here reproduced through an edited machine translation, relate to the development of the troubled Balan Wonderworld, and follow Naka bringing a lawsuit against the publisher for his treatment.

Some brief context on the game: Balan Wonderworld was announced in 2020 as a fantastical new 3D platformer from the creative minds behind NiGHTs and Sonic. Less than a year later, the game launched to disastrous reviews (it currently stands at 38% on Metacritic), and shortly afterwards it was announced Naka was to leave Square Enix.

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