PS Plus reveals May 2022 games and Fifa 22 is included

If you play online games on your Playstation console, then the chances are high that you are already paying a monthly/annual fee to access the service. So why not get your money’s worth and download some freebies?

The PS Plus subscription is a great way to try out a game that you might have previously missed, and get access to exclusive discounts on the Playstation store. With the recent news that Sony will be combining PS Plus with Playstation Now, it’s the perfect time to make the most of your membership.

Subscribers typically get access to several new games each month. This normally includes one PS5 and two PS4 titles, with the occasional offer of a Playstation VR game as well if you happen to own a headset.

For each game that you add to your library, you will be able to access it as long as you are still a PS Plus member. A one-month subscription costs £6.99, or it’s £49.99 for the whole year if you’re looking for the best value.

If you want to find out which new games have been announced for May2022, then keep reading.

Where to buy a PS Plus subscription

You can purchase a Playstation Plus subscription directly from the Playstation website (£49.99, as well as most major retailers including Argos (£49.99,, Amazon (£49.99, , Currys (£49.99, and Game (£49.99,

When do free PS Plus games get announced?

Sony usually wait to announce the next free games available for Playstation Plus members on the last Wednesday of the month at 4:30pm GMT. Previous announcements have been leaked frequently, but the most reliable information can be found on the Playstation blog.

Free PS Plus games for May 2022

(Play station)

PS5 users can look forward to FIFA 22 (£69.99, on both the PS4 and PS5. It’s the latest installment in the longstanding Fifa franchise and contains new features such as “HyperMotion” technology and a new option to create your own club in career mode.

As well as that, players can enjoy Tribes of Midgard (£15.99,, an action role-playing survival game where viking characters must protect the seed of Yggdrasil from waves of enemies.

Finally, PS4 gamers can also enjoy Curse of the Dead Gods (£15.99,, a skill-based roguelike featuring hordes of enemies in dark, cavernous passages filled with traps.

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