PlayStation Plus Games For May Confirmed, Includes FIFA 22

PlayStation Plus’ lineup for the month of May has been revealed by Sony, with the lineup headlined by FIFA 22 alongside other new additions.

May’s lineup for Playstation Plus has finally been revealed and will include the likes of FIFA 22 among other titles. Recently Sony announced the specific dates it would be merging PlayStation Plus with PlayStation Now to create a new tiered version of the former. The process will start in select Asian markets near the end of next month before steadily expanding to the rest of the world over the coming months.

While the new model of PlayStation Plus will follow examples set by competitors Microsoft and Nintendo with their subscription-based gaming services, there has been some concern over whether or not the new service will actually be a step back when compared to the current model. Even though the entire PlayStation Plus Collection will be available to all subscription tiers once the relaunch hits, it seems that accessing the same number of games will cost more, perhaps making the new PlayStation Plus worse value. Though this substantial transition will begin soon, in the meantime the subscription service will function per usual, and the latest monthly roster of new games has at last been confirmed.


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As confirmed by playstationMay’s PlayStation Plus lineup will feature the likes of FIFA 22 as its headliner. This month’s lineup also includes a bonus FIFA 22 FUT pack, exclusive to PlayStation Plus. Accompanying the most recent installment in the renowned football simulator series will be Tribes of Midgard (PS4/PS5) and Curse of the Dead Gods (PS4). Players have until May 2 to download April’s PS Plus games.

Recently, the monthly announcements for which titles will be coming to PlayStation Plus have been received with mixed reactions that vary with each set of additions. This could be a result of Sony’s lack of attention to the current model as it gears up for the launch of the new PlayStation Plus. May’s launch could potentially be the last straightforward addition to the gaming service as the tiers begin in certain markets shortly thereafter.

Sony appears to be putting a concentrated effort into revitalizing much of what it already has by simultaneously restructuring Playstation Plus and putting an emphasis on bringing more existing first-party titles to PC. The company still seems to be working out a few issues, however, as even with the shift to something similar to Xbox’s Game Pass there are still a few areas where it does not match all well-received features, such as offering first-party titles on day one. Only time will tell if this restructure does for Sony what it did for its competitors before.

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