GTA 5 Gets Motion Blur Slider On PS5 And Xbox Series X/S

No more feeling sick every time you turn around.

If like me, motion blur in video games makes you want to throw up all over your controller, you’re in luck! Grand Theft Auto 5 on the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S has just been updated with a motion blur slider as well as some other small improvements.

The benefit of a slider is you can opt for as much or as little motion blur as you like, rather than a binary choice of off or on. If you’re a fan of it but think the default is too much you can tweak it a little so you still get that cinematic effect. Or you can just purge it from your game, a medium the effect is entirely unsuited for.

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As well as this new option there are some other nice updates. As spotted by Eurogamer, an issue that caused the transition time between the story mode and GTA Online to take be prolonged has been fixed. There are some other little fixes that you can read in the patch notes.


The fixes aren’t just for modern consoles, however. The PS4 and Xbox One versions of GTA 5 aren’t being left in the dust and have had numerous stability improvements and minor bug repairs implemented.

In other GTA news. The beloved Dr Dre appearance in GTA Online almost didn’t happen because he thought the game was “for kids.” We all played it when we were kids, but that’s not the point, as it’s always been an 18-plus series.

Also, a map inside a barbershop in the game simply does not contain the state of Florida on it, leading many to believe it doesn’t exist in the GTA universe. It’s conspicuously absent, and could actually be a reference to a joke in Big Mouth where Florida gets sucked into a massive sinkhole in one episode. Unless we can compare old versions of the game with this latest one, we may never know for sure.

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