What You Should Know Before Evil Dead: The Game Releases

A cult classic of the 1980s, the evil Dead franchise has managed to endure for almost four decades. While it hasn’t been the most influential series, or even the most influential series to come from director Sam Raimi, the evil Dead still holds a place in the darkened hearts of many, with quotes about boomsticks still finding their way to the corners of the internet today.

Over the years, there’s actually been a handful of evil Dead video games, but none have really stuck the landing. Many fans are hoping that the upcoming Evil Dead: The Game will be able to succeed where others have failed, providing a satisfying, gory experience set in the Deadite-infested woods of Tennessee. There are a few things fans should now about Evil Dead: The Game before rushing in.


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The General Gameplay Loop of Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead: The Game is primarily an asymmetrical multiplayer game, seemingly playing very similar to the likes of Friday the 13th and Dead By Daylight. Players will form groups of four, choose from the game’s four playable survivor classes, and set about trying to find artifacts across the map in order to seal breaches and repel the demonic horde.

Meanwhile, one player takes control of a Kandarian demon, choosing one of three starting classes. The Kandarian player will try to stop the survivors by many any means necessary, throwing hordes of Deadites at them, laying spiritual traps around the environment, and even possessing them to turn them against their allies.

The survivors will be able to find a variety of loot strewn across the map to help them fight off the monstrosities sent to kill them. There are said to be over 25 weapons in the game, including Ash’s iconic chainsaw and shotgun. After each match, both the survivors and the demon players will level up their various abilities, eventually unlocking new skills that can be used in-game.

Saber Interactive has claimed that Evil Dead: The Game will be playable in single-player, with AI taking over the rest of the survivor and demon spots, but it’s yet to be seen just how the experience will translate to solo play. Similarly, it’s unclear if progression will be altered in any way for those who play in single-player.

The Character Classes of Evil Dead: The Game

When Evil Dead: The Game launches on May 13, there’ll be a total of four survivor classes, and three demon classes. The four survivor classes include Warrior, Hunter, Leader, and Support, with each class having their own designated skill tree and progression system.

On top of this, each individual character also has their own unique abilities. For example, Lord Arthur has the ability to temporarily boost his teammates’ damage output, and as he belongs to the Leader class, he also has access to all of that class’ distinct abilities.

The same can be said for the demons, whose three classes are Necromancer, Puppeteer, and Warlord. Each character in this faction also has their own unique abilities on top of the class-based powers, just like the survivors. For instance, the Demi-Eligos can fire lightning, on top of having the Puppeteer’s standard abilities.

Evil Dead: The Game’s Different Editions

Evil Dead: The Game is releasing on May 13 for just about every console and PC. The game has a few different retail versions, but with it being quite close to release, some of these are sold out in the vast majority of stores.

Right now, the only editions for sale on Evil Dead: The Game‘s official website are the Standard Edition, and the Deluxe Edition, with the only difference being that the Deluxe Edition offers four upcoming DLC ​​packs for a reduced price. For pre-ordering the game, players will receive two additional outfits for Bruce Campbell’s Ash Williams.

Evil Dead: The Game releases May 13, 2022, on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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