Upcoming Alien Isolation Book ‘Perfect Organism’ Goes Behind the Scenes of The Game

When Alien Insulation dropped in 2014, it was not only regarded as a phenomenally good horror game with some terrifying moments, but an example of how to create a fantastic video game set in Dan O’Bannon’s original universe. With the abysmal reception of Aliens: Colonial Marines, many perhaps felt there was no hope for any further adaptations. That is, until Creative Assembly came along. Even after almost eight years, Alien Insulation is still highly regarded as a petrifying experience that is basically a love letter to the original films. And now someone is writing a book about it.


Andy Kelly, who’s written for the likes of Vice, PC Gamer, and The Guardian, is currently writing a hardback companion to Alien Insulation called Perfect Organism. The book, according to its description on the website Unbound, will chronicle some behind-the-scenes information about the game while also being a way for the writer to talk about his self-professed obsession with the game and “Ridley Scott’s horror masterpiece. “

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At the time of writing, Perfect Organism is 27% funded and is open to pledges for anyone who wishes to support Kelly’s project. The minimum donation is £10, or around $12 US, which will grant the donator an e-book copy once it’s published, as well as put their name in the back along with other supporters. No doubt there will be many reading this who would be keen to support a book that talks about one of the scariest horror games in recent history, if not of all time.

Given that it’s relying on donations, there’s no telling when the book will actually be coming out. But with it going into detail about how the game was developed, including in-depth analysis of Alien Insulation‘s notorious Xenomorph A, it will likely pique many fans’ interest. There will also be chapters that talk about the DLC, and the book will also include a full mission guide, some trivia, and Easter eggs.

Many horror gamers will likely agree that Alien Insulation is a fitting and well-crafted homage to the classic 1979 horror/sci-fi film. With Alien Insulation now also available on mobile after being ported last December, there is obviously still a lot of love left to give the game. On top of that, fans are clamoring for a sequel, but at the moment, it doesn’t appear there is one in development. At least, for now, gamers can support Kelly’s book and be treated to a companion to one of the best horror games available.

Alien: Isolation is available now for Mobile, PC, PS3, PS4, Switch, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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Source: Bloody Disgusting, Unbound


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