The Last Of Us remake for PS5 teased by Naughty Dog QA tester

The Last Of Us screenshot

The Last Of Us remake is looking like a certainty (pic: Sony)

Yet more evidence has emerged that Naughty Dog is working on a PS5 remaster of the first The Last Of Us game, and it may be out soon.

As acclaimed as the two The Last Of Us games are, there can be few remakes less anticipated than the rumored revamp of the original PlayStation 3 game.

Unlike most remakes, the game’s less than 10 years old and thanks to the existing PlayStation 4 remaster still looks perfectly good by modern standards. And yet evidence is mounting that a PlayStation 5 remake is going to be announced, and probably released, this year.

Neither Sony nor developer Naughty Dog has ever confirmed it, but rumors began last year, with one insider in January claiming that it’s ‘nearly finished’. And now a QA tester working at Naughty claims to have worked on an unnamed new remake…

The LinkedIn profile of the tester mentions that they have worked on an ‘unannounced remake project’ for Naughty Dog, which given the existing rumors seems very likely to be The Last Of Us.

Supposedly, the project started off with Sony’s Visual Arts Service Group before Naughty Dog decided to take over and do it themselves, although given how similar both games are in terms of gameplay it does seem like an unnecessary use of their time.

Officially, Naughty Dog has confirmed they’re working on three projects at the moment, one of which is believed to be a multiplayer spin-off from The Last Of Us Part 2 – another game that doesn’t exactly have a weight of public demand behind it.

Far more anticipated is the growing rumor that Naughty Dog is working on a new Uncharted game, although whether it would start Nathan Drake is unknown.

Having three games in production at once is unusual for any developer, especially one like Naughty Dog, but if the rumors are true the two spin-offs are nearly done and due for release this year.

That might suggest that there’ll be a Naughty Dog-only State of Play livestream in the near future, which would announce the two Last Of Us game and perhaps also the new Uncharted.

It could also be used to announce the PC version of Uncharted: Legacy Of Thieves Collection, which Epic Games has just put a product page up for, despite no official announcement from Sony.

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