Quake Mod Turns the Classic FPS Into A LEGO Game

A mod shows what happens when the fast-paced antics of Quake, one of the most influential FPS games ever, combines with the iconic aesthetics of LEGO.

There are perhaps not many people who felt the original Quake needed a LEGO makeover. However, with The Skywalker Saga releasing at the start of April, the Danish toy is still popular in video game adaptations, with the iconic bricks transforming numerous franchises into almost adorable facsimiles of themselves. With that in mind, someone has decided that it was high time to take the blocks and see how they fare in id Software’s classic 1996 FPS.


As spotted by PCGamesN, user Kebby_Quake has made a mod called “Block Quake,” which is an add-on for the original Quake that essentially turns it into a LEGO game. With just a small texture pack, players can now enjoy the gothic shooter with a look that’s more befitting the famous toy brand. The modder has said that it should also work with some vanilla mods, but it’s best to stick with add-ons that mainly change the gameplay rather than the visuals.

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A number of images on the mod page show the changes that have been made and confirm that it works with a number of Quake engines, including QuakeSpasm and Dark Places. As one of the most innovative FPS games ever made, sitting up there with the likes of doom and Half Lifeid’s classic title is known for its gritty and often medieval look, as well as its fast-paced action and being one of the precursors to modern online multiplayer games.

This is also not the first time the toy blocks have been used to modify a game. Last August, another user managed to mod Minecraft to make it look more like a LEGO game. Given that the open-world sandbox title is already quite blocky as it is, making it look more LEGO-like seems a natural step. What’s impressive about this add-on was it even included the studs that sit atop the pieces.

The fact that Quake recently had some accessibility features added more than a quarter of a century after release shows that it still plays an important role in the gaming sphere. With id Software recently advertising some job positions, there’s hope that there will be a new game in the dormant series or at least a new doom entry. In any case, the original gothic FPS is still enjoyed to this day. And with it receiving a remaster last year, now seems like a good time for people to jump back into Quake.

Quake was originally released in 1996 and is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: PCGamesN, Itch.io


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