Games Inbox: No one wants a The Last Of Us remake

The Last Of Us - not everyone loves it

The Last Of Us – is a remake a waste of time? (pic: Sony)

The Wednesday letters page is not sure what to make of PS Plus Premium’s demo rumours, as one reader discusses Returnal’s best weapons.

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bad dog
Can anyone explain to me what is going on with Naughty Dog at the moment? They’ve got three games on the go and I couldn’t be less interested in any of them. Uncharted 4 had the perfect ending to the series and that should’ve been that. There was a backdoor left open to continue it, with different characters, if they wanted to, but that should’ve been another developer, not Naughty Dog.

Naughty Dog is one of the best developers in the world but they’ve only worked on two different franchises in the modern era and they both have pretty similar gameplay. They should be using their prestige and leverage within Sony to make brand new games not… check notes a Last Of Us multiplayer spin-off.

The absolute worst waste of their time though is The Last Of Us remake. Why? Just why? The PlayStation 4 version still looks great. I should know, I was playing it last night. I don’t see that there’s a single thing to gain from a remake, except tying up Naughty Dog from doing anything more interesting. There’s no gameplay to update, there was nothing wrong with the first one, there’s nothing…

There’s no point arguing against it if it’s apparently almost finished but how long till they’re finished with Uncharted 5 and can start something truly new? Most of the original team will have retired by then and that’s no joke.

The other stock problem
I was wondering if you guys, or any readers, know where I can buy a brand new PlayStation 4? I’ve been looking all over and can’t seem to find any. Some sites are saying them have them in stock but as soon as I go to order the console it says out of stock.

I thought Sony put production back on at the beginning of the year?
isaac m

CG: Sony said they were continuing production of the PS4 Slim, but not the Pro or any other model. As you suggest, that doesn’t seem to be reflected by what shops have in stock – we’ve not exactly been looking but we can’t remember the last time we saw one for sale.

Dreadfully fun
Does Returnal have the best weapons of any game ever? I certainly can’t think of a game where I’ve enjoyed the weapons as much. There’s a great variety and nearly all feel amazing to use. They have some of the best names too, Rotgland Lobber being a particular highlight.

The new update has also added Disgorgers, which are ridiculously powerful temporary weapons that totally kick butt and are a very nice touch. Speaking of the update, it’s fantastic. Basically, a load of whole new levels to blast through. It’s also allowing me to unlock a load of weapon traits I hadn’t previously, making them even better!

If GC had to pick, what game would you say has the best weaponry?

CG: That’s easy, the glorious Dreadbound.

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Costly demonstration
Sony enforcing demos for every game, as a way to bump up PS Plus Premium, is certainly an unexpected move. Sounds like developers are going to hate them for it though, so I hope it’s a success for them or they’re going to end up burning bridges for nothing. Are that many people going to be subscribing to Premium to make it worth the trouble?

As nice as it would be to have demos for everything I’m certainly not going to pay extra, as I’ve no interest in the retro games (or spending that kind of money).

The thing is this will be super easy for Xbox to copy, since the developers would be making the demos anyway. So if it’s a flop they just ignore it and if it’s a success they just offer on the cheaper Game Pass. I don’t see Sony getting much of a win out of this.

Gone but not forgotten
Ugh, real bad move from Ubisoft in shutting down the online on all those games. I’d never really thought about them much until some posters here started pointing out all the things they’ve done wrong, and their weird obsession with live service games that nobody cares about. But this hits closer to home for me.

As GC pointed out, EA and Sony do it as well, and others probably too and it’s just not on. It should be impossible for things to be forgotten in the digital age and yet it’s actually the completely opposite, where the second something becomes non-profitable for a company it’s thrown out and basically ceases to exist.

The fact that not many people are playing it really should be the reason to stop. The game was sold as a package, not as something with a built-in time limit where half of it would stop working after a few years. It’s a really bad look and I wish companies cared more about the games that make them all their money.

Silly Pratt
This new Super Mario movie is going to be a disaster, I can just tell it. Chris Pratt is a terrible choice for Mario but I think the fact that they picked him is a clear indication that this isn’t going to be anything like the games. Now, I’m not saying making it like the games is a good idea, in fact I’d say the idea of ​​a Mario game is pretty silly all round, but if you’re going to do it do it right.

I’m sure the idea is to make some kind of cinematic universe, just like every other film company going, and I’m sure, like every other cinematic universe that isn’t Marvel it’ll come off the rails with the first film .

At the very least I don’t understand why they didn’t start with Zelda. Sure, it may not have quite the same appeal to little kids but if that means it has to go for a different tone then isn’t that a good thing, because it will mean it’s actually a different kind of movie and so will actually have a chance, instead of just being Minions with different characters.

Strange recommendation
Just wanted to briefly mention Strange Brigade is on sale for £6.50 with 90% off in the Xbox sale. A great third person shooter that is just as good solo or with up to four players in (drop in/drop out) co-op. It has a few nice puzzles in the levels, but the best bit is the commentator who is genuinely hilarious with dry and sarcastic humour.

And as a bonus it’s the deluxe edition on sale, so it comes with some extra levels. Highly recommended.
Manic miner 100 (gamertag)

Very big one
I know there’s absolutely nothing to back this up at the moment but I wonder if the ‘big one’ that Sony’s meant to be buying could be EA? I actually found the fact that FIFA 22 is going to be on PS Plus to be very surprising and shows that Sony and EA have already been talking quite a bit.

Could the FIFA deal have been the prelude to a purchase? Probably not but I think it’d be a smart move for Sony and much better value than Activision Blizzard. Activision has only got Call Of Duty, which it’s been show can fail, and almost all of Blizzard’s stuff is primarily PC.

Games like Call Of Duty can go out of fashion but nobody’s ever going to stop liking football so from that point of view spending a lot of money on EA would make sense. I’d assume they’d be around the same £50 billion price tag as Activision Blizzard but I feel it would quickly start paying for itself and heat up the next gen wars to an exciting degree.

CG: EA would be significantly more expensive right now as, unlike Activision, they’re not currently at a low point due to disappointing sales or workplace controversies.

Inbox also-rans
My greatest gaming achievement so far is holding on to my pre-order of Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp since purchasing last year. All I wanted was fancy graphics. That’s all I wanted! Back to the Game Boy Advance version via DS it is then.
D Dubya

The Elder Scrolls: Arena, The Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall, and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory games are currently free on Steam. Grab them while you can!
Currently playing: Psychonauts 2 (Xbox Series X)

RE: Going to back to the PlayStation 4. I was in part referring to some Reader’s Features, such as the recent one who forgot he had a PlayStation 5 and returned to his PlayStation 4. And a previous one who sold their PlayStation 5 and went back to the PlayStation 4 also.

CG: That first guy didn’t return to the PlayStation 4, he just forgot for a moment that he had a PlayStation 5.

I honestly think they should remaster the cinematics in cowboy game Gun. Honesty, I think it would be a hit if they’d done this game for Xbox One.
Torn Crywolf

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