Bart Reagor Doesn’t Want Jail to Interrupt “Complicated” Regimen

Is it really even surprising that Bart Reagor is still trying to find ways to stay out of jail?

We’re so closed. Not even 2 weeks away from his self-surrender date, as I write this. The battle has been fought, and a lot of us assumed it was pretty much done. However, it seems Bart might have a bit of fight left in him.

KAMC News reports that back on Friday, April 22nd, Bart Reagor asked a federal judge permission to stay out of prison while his appeal goes through the Fifth Circuit. Apparently he has, as his lawyer put it, a “complicated treatment regimen” when it comes to his Parkinson’s disease. Without his regiment of “medication and exercise” his symptoms will be progressive and degenerative, as he says.

Now, Parkinson’s sucks. I won’t shy away from that fact, and I’m sad to hear that Bart is having to deal with it. However, this feels like just another excuse to stay out of jail for as long as he can.

I’ve never been to prison, but from what I understand, exercise is one of the main things you are allowed to do, right? To my knowledge, to also can receive medical treatment in the form of medication while incarcerated. Maybe these specific meds won’t be available and this is the cause for Reagor’s concern?

Regardless of whether or not Reagor’s self-surrender date gets pushed back, it must be noted that he did say in his request “I know I have to face the music of the award this Court has given me if the Judgment and award are affirmed on appeal. I only ask this Court to defer my surrender date.”

Maybe he actually does realize that the fight is over? Only Reagor knows, really.


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