6 Fun Gameplay Challenges to Spice Up Your Video Games

Every video game has its plot and rules, but when you’re fed up with playing the right way, you can always spice things up with special gaming styles, settings, or self-imposed conditions.

Depending on a game’s features, and even bugs, there are many alternative ways to play video games, whether solo or with friends.

Here are six popular gameplay twists gamers like to add to their sessions.

1. Complete Games Against the Clock

Once you know the main questline by heart and the side quests no longer interest you, it might be time to see how fast you can actually finish the game.

It works with both single and multiplayer titles. How fast can you decimate your opponents in a battle royale, for example?

What you might want to think about is how to go about it. Some games take hours, if not days, to complete, so you’ll need to organize yourself.

Start with free time tracking apps that make it easier to calculate your game time, especially if you prefer to play across several days instead of one very long one.

As for competing with friends against the clock, multiplayer games are easy enough to accommodate your needs. With single-player titles, you could record your sessions before sharing the footage—and your tracked time—with friends and followers.


2. Play as a Pacifist or Slayer

Another alternative way to play video games involves those with combat features. You can try getting through them with as small or big a body count as possible. How far you take the pacifist or slayer style is up to you.

In some titles, for example, you can charm and sneak your way through situations. Some skills also incapacitate enemies instead of killing them. Creativity and patience are essential to this gaming style.

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On the other side of the coin is the slayer gameplay. Put simply, you fight your way through the story—just make sure you leave that mentality in the game.

If you want an exact number of kills, you could record your sessions and count away at your leisure. Some titles on Steam and Origin even have achievements you unlock when your tally reaches a certain level.

3. Play Hide and Seek on Online Multiplayer Games

Whether we’re talking about RPGs or shooter games, hide and seek is a standard alternative way to have fun. You’ll even come across relevant tournaments on Apex Legends and other popular titles.

You can make one-on-one sessions interesting with additional twists, like a treasure hunt. That said, you might enjoy a group game of hide and seek a lot more.

Instead of fighting each other, one team can use the landscape or arena to hide while the other tries to find them. For extra tension, you can have one player hunting the rest Mike Myers style.

You may need to disable tracking features in some games to make it all work. Just see what’s available and how to use it to your advantage.

Websites dedicated to specific online games like FortniteMaps also offer landscapes designed for hide and seek that are easy to download and install.

4. Compete in Collecting In-Game Items

While collecting things is integral to video games like Pokémon GO, you can have similar fun with items in other titles. Activision lets you gather candy canes for prizes in Call of Duty, but creating your own mini-game is better.

The rules are simple. Target something common in your favorite video game like healing potions, a type of food, or even Easter Eggs. Then, either time yourself in finding as many as possible or compete with friends.

Hide and seek may be more exciting, but just collecting interesting in-game items puts a unique spin on your gaming time. It’s also something you can do alone and as a group.

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5. Play With Self-Imposed Rules

There are different ways to interpret this alternative gaming style. For example, you can set certain rules to follow and make the playthrough feel more realistic.

If you die, you could start the game over. If you play as an archer, you could limit the number of arrows you carry—a quiver can contain around 30 at most. You can try winning the game with just a pistol.

It’s all a matter of imagination and what kind of unique fun you want from your video game. Keep in mind that there are self-imposed rules ready and waiting in the form of popular challenges.

Nuzlocke is a great example to use or take inspiration from. Pokémon players must follow two rules:

  • When entering a new area, you can only try to catch the first Pokémon you spot.
  • If a Pokémon feints during battle, you let it go, pretending it died.

Conditions like these make a game harder but intriguing, too. They up the ante and demand more attention from you in order to win. Related: The Best Pokémon Companion Apps: Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

6. Invert Game Controls

Playing video games in alternative ways is usually about testing yourself and making a well-worn title thrilling again. A simple yet effective method that’s popular among gamers involves inverting the Y-axis of their controls.

This makes the camera look down instead of up when you push your controller or mouse forward. In the same way, up is down with inverted controls.

People familiar with older games actually prefer this setup, feeling it more natural. Other players, it completely throws off, which means it’s also a substantial challenge to beat.

You can easily make the change through most games’ settings and transform your next playthrough. Take the experience even further by inverting the X-axis as well. Friendly competitions are that much more fun with these controls.

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Enjoy Video Games With These Challenges

The options above add flair and intrigue to your playthroughs. They’re alternative ways to have fun with your video games by making them your own. Go ahead and create new rules. Play as you wish, no matter how many players take part.

To get the most entertainment from your gameplay, however, you should learn your favorite titles inside and out. Your gaming platform might also hide tricks that can spice up your sessions. Learn what you can and make the best of it.

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