Video Games That Deserve Their Own Film or TV Adaptations

Everyone can enjoy a good video game; whether it’s something fun and straightforward like mario or something a little more intense like Assassin’s Creed, there’s something out there for all levels of skills and interest. The games that often get the most buzz, though, are the RPG games rich with story.

Audiences have seen some of these games come to life on the big screen or through streaming services, such as Uncharted gold Arcane, though unfortunately, some of these projects have fallen short of expectations. While most video game adaptations have been far from perfect, they’ve still been enjoyable for general audiences and are improving as they go. There are plenty of games with intricate stories that would make excellent movies or shows. Here’s a look at a few good options.


Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV has brought in the most players the game has ever seen, making it the most popular and profitable game in the series. Millions of people worldwide are getting into this beautiful game that offers incredible monsters, interesting characters, and a delightfully eclectic group of heroic friends accompanying you on your quests during the story. This game has phenomenal design when it comes to gods, monsters, and any of the other challenges you face, which would make for exciting and captivating cinema. Seeing these detailed beasts and deities would leave audiences spellbound and enraptured in the lore of the world of Final Fantasy.

Each area you travel to and fight in also has its own unique style with tones and inspiration from various places around the world. Final Fantasy creates a vibrant world of opportunity. Whether the show goes for an animated or live-action approach, designers could have a field day with the appearance of the main adventurers and the areas they visit. We’ve seen all sorts of fantasy characters brought to life on screen with animation or with makeup, so the sky is the limit for a project like this (budget willing, of course).

Disco Elysium

Then there’s the bizarre dystopian murder mystery game, Disco Elysium. This game has taken people by surprise with its unique gameplay and strange story, but it makes for an interesting cinematic premise. The story follows Harry, who has just awoken from a drunken stupor with no memory after a mid-life crisis threw him into a spiral. He’s a detective on a case in the hostel he woke up in but has no memory of anything. As he works with his partner to solve the case, he begins to piece things back together through his own detective skills as well as from the production of the voices he hears.

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The idea of ​​following an amnesiac character would allow audiences to pick up pieces and put together clues to solve the mysteries alongside the main character. This would make viewers feel more involved in the mystery and the dinghy dystopian world it’s set in. And the way that Harry thinks and makes decisions would make for an interesting opportunity in terms of cinematography, much like the mind palace of Sherlock or the pendulum of Will in Hannibal. There are plenty of options and opportunities for design if this game were to be adapted. While it doesn’t have quite the same options for character design as a high-fantasy game, the world of Elysium is an incredible dystopia with a retro feel that audiences would be captivated by.


And then there’s the beloved Undertale, a story of a lost child who fell into a beautiful and vibrant fantasy world of monsters banished from the world of the humans. Adapting this game would be an opportunity to create a gorgeous movie or show that seems bright and wholesome on the surface (as long as it doesn’t go straight for the genocide route) but gets darker and darker the more you watch. It would lend easily to a show full of twists and turns and puzzles to solve, both for the main character as well as the audience.

Undertale would be perfect for animated cinema, bringing a wonderful world with its hilariously charismatic creatures to life in any kind of art style. This would also be an opportunity for a video game adaptation that can be enjoyed by an audience of a wide range of ages. Even though the game has battles and a somewhat terrifying ultimate boss, the rest of the strange characters and fights would still be suitable for most audiences.

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There are plenty of stories out there just waiting to be brought to life. While many have found homes on computer screens and gaming consoles, they could soar even further with the chance to be adapted by professional cinematic companies. The possibilities for cosmetics and costumes, world-building, and animation, are practically endless.


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