Of course Hideo Kojima is making a PS5 game, why wouldn’t he be?

A black PlayStation 5 devkit was spotted at Hideo Kojima’s production studio, but that shouldn’t be a surprise; it was always obvious he was making a new PS5 game.

The Tweet that sparked all the hype. Look closely on the right side.

Hideo Kojima recently shared a picture that showed a teleconference setup that would make the The Guild of Calamitous Intent jealous. That photo also includes a snapshot of a PS5 devkit in the background, prompting tons of coverage saying “Kojima is making a PS5 game.” This is something that has been apparent for years.

Not only is Hideo Kojima using Sony’s advanced MADO “telepresence system” to coordinate with KojiPro’s new film studio in Los Angeles, and to help guide the motion capture teams that are recording footage at the PlayStation Visual Arts Motion Capture Studio, his team literally just released a PS5 game (Death Stranding Director’s Cut). It’s likely Kojima is capturing footage for a new film and/or a new game, or perhaps the interactive blend of film/games that he’s talked about for years.

Of course Hideo Kojima is making a PS5 game, why wouldn't he be?  42 |  TweakTown.com

Kojima is also likely working on another Death Stranding game.

This is most likely the game that KojiPro is testing on a PS5 devkit (they could also be testing new updates for Death Stranding Director’s Cut, which was also released on PS5).

Sony owns the trademark rights to Death Stranding, published the game on PlayStation, and distributed physical copies of the games in stores on both PS4 and PS5, whereas 505 Games handled the PC version. Sony has also patented Death Stranding’s unique “strand” multiplayer system.

Finally, let’s not forget that Kojima Productions and Sony are close partners. It was Sony who believed in KojiPro from the get-go and helped finance Kojima’s Death Stranding, while also allowing one of its own first-party studios to provide access to a proprietary video game engine (DECIMA) for the project.

Death Stranding 2 Timeline of Events


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