I hope Sony improves PS5 Game Trials before PlayStation Plus Premium launches

How do you mess up something as simple as a game demo? It’s a question that came to mind last October when Sony started testing a PS5 Game Trial feature in the UK. And it’s something I’m thinking about again today, as time-limited game trials are confirmed to be a component of PS Plus Premium.

Let’s take a look at how Sony handled PS5 Game Trials last year, where it stumbled, and how it can hopefully improve the feature for the launch of PS Plus Premium this June. In October 2021, extended demos of PS5 exclusives Death Stranding: Director’s Cut and Sackboy: A Big Adventure, and later THQ Nordic’s multi-platform Biomutant, were part of the first wave of beta testing. Essentially, PS5 Game Trials gave players five (or in the case of Death Stranding, six) hours of free playtime to experience what a game has to offer before you had to make a purchasing decision.

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