How to Record Gameplay on PS5 of 2022 [April]

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Check How to Record Gameplay on PS5

One of the main focuses of both the next-gen consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X, was to allow users to record their gameplay directly to the console at the highest quality. In the past, this process had to be done with external capture cards or embedded software that was difficult to navigate and provided mediocre results. Fortunately, the PS5 makes this process extremely easy, allowing its users to record high-quality gameplay in just a few seconds. The PS5 offers two different ways to capture images. The former is simply a way of capturing images while the player continues a game. The other allows the user to capture images that they have just experienced in the game through a new pre-image capture mode.

Once in game, simply press the new Share button on the left side of the controller’s touchpad. A small menu with three options will appear at the bottom of the screen. Select the one on the right titled Start New Recording. By selecting this, your device will be set to record your gameplay in the future. Just remember to stop recording when you’re done. Otherwise, you will find that your system memory fills up quickly.

Adjust your settings first

  • Before you begin recording gameplay, we recommend that you enter your system settings to set the shortcut for the DualSense Create button. This will make capturing the game as easy as possible. From the main screen, go to Settings at the top right, then Captures and broadcasts at the bottom.
  • From here, select Shortcuts for the Create button and change it to Simple Video Clips. This allows you to simply double-tap the Create button on your DualSense to start recording gameplay. You can also adjust the length of the recent gameplay video clip you’ve captured here.
  • Go back to the Capture & Streams menu and go to Video Clip Format. While it may be tempting to use 3840 x 2160, this will make the file type WebM, which isn’t natively supported by many sites like Twitter or other places you might want to upload your video.
  • Also, the files are larger, so we recommend using MP4, which will reduce the resolution to 1920 x 1080. MP4 works with most video editing programs and social networking sites. We also recommend adjusting your microphone audio and party audio settings here.

Capture the game on Ps5

  • The easiest way to capture gameplay is to use the DualSense Create button shortcut. If you’ve adjusted the setting to only require a double tap, all you’ll need to do is quickly press the Create button twice in a row.
  • If you do it correctly, you will see a red recording icon and a timer will appear at the top of the screen, indicating that your gameplay is being recorded. This will also pause your game (assuming the game you are playing is pauseable).
  • The PS5 will record up to an hour of gameplay. To stop it, press and hold the Create button on your DualSense. If done correctly, a black bar will appear at the bottom with some options. From left to right, you’ll see Save Recent Game, Take Screenshot, and Start New Recording.
  • You’ll also see the Stream and Capture Options on the far right. You don’t actually need to press Save Recent Game to save the footage you just captured. If you exit this menu again by pressing Circle, the game you just captured will still be saved to your Media Gallery.

save recent game

  • The above method of recording gameplay is only useful if you actually hit record beforehand. But what if you forgot to hit record before doing something noteworthy in your game? Fortunately, the PS5 has you covered with the ability to save your recent gameplay, up to an hour’s worth of footage.
  • To use this feature, press and hold the Create button on your DualSense. This will cause the black bar mentioned in the previous step to appear.
  • Here, you will find the option to Save Recent Games on the left. Select this and you can Save a short clip or Save a full video (up to an hour).
  • If you just want to save a short clip, hit that option and you’ll see various time increments based on the length of the overall clip. Select the one you want and it will be saved. Note that the PS5 will only start recording gameplay after the previous clip you’ve recorded.

Final Words: How to Record Gameplay on PS5

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