Dying Light 2 is adding New Game Plus with this week’s update 1.3.0

Techland will introduce Dying Light 2’s New Game Plus mode on April 27.

It will be added to the game as part of update 1.3.0, which will also introduce a new FOV slider feature for PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles, plus a range of fixes for co-op bugs, including some for players getting stuck in infinite death loops.

Techland producer Julia Szynkaruk shared further details about Wednesday’s update in the following Dying Light 2 video:

Dying Light 2 – Let’s Talk About New Game +

New Game Plus will let players who have completed the base game replay it while keeping the progression from their initial playthrough, although Nightrunner tools like the paraglider and grappling hook will need to unlocked again via the main story.

The mode will include 30 new hidden inhibitors and enemies that scale their difficulty to protagonist Aiden’s level.

For those wanting a greater challenge, Techland said it has prepared encounters with golden marks, “filled with special enemies and the diversity of their forms”.

There will also be a new quest titled ‘Something Big Has Been Here’ featuring fresh enemies.

New challenges and encounters will reward players with greater Legendary weapon rarity and valuable items, and there will be a new platinum medal for parkour challenges.

Dying Light 2 was released on February 4 for PC and consoles and Techland claimed on Friday that the game sold five million copies during its launch month.

It also said that the original Dying Light has now sold over 20 million copies. Last month the game received a new-gen patch improving the performance of the 2015 release when played on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.