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Gaming has become incredibly popular over the last decade, and as such, the means by which we consume gaming have evolved with said popularity. A lot of people are happy to go the classic route and simply play on video games; however, a lot of fans now log on to watch streamers play games instead. If you are interested in who the biggest streamers are at the minute, then be sure to keep reading.

How Has Gaming Become So Popular?

How actually has gaming become popular enough that many consider it a spectator sport? There are a number of reasons, primarily because of how much the quality of games has improved. Another reason is because of the amount of variation that games have at the moment. Where people used to be content with simply playing a 2D arcade game, people now can go online to enjoy shooters, sports games, and even online casino games. If you head over to some online gambling sites such as mBitcasino, not only can you play these exciting casino games, but you can also pay for them using Bitcoin.


If you are familiar with streamers, then chances are you are going to be familiar with Ninja. Ninja has been crowned the King of Twitch thanks to the fact he has managed to rack up around 17 million followers on the platform and an extremely impressive 25 million subscribers on YouTube. His brand, as a result, can be recognized all over the world, despite the fact he has managed to involve himself in a number of different controversies. Since his career started, Ninja has managed to play the game Fortnite with a huge amount of different celebrities, including the likes of Travis Scott and Drake.


Auronplay is the biggest Spanish twitch streamer out there, as he currently has an impressive following that comes to almost 10 million subscribers on Twitch and double that on YouTube. He previously worked in a printing shop before he found fame as a streamer due to the fact that a lot of his comments are perceived by people as being incredibly funny. Unlike a lot of other popular streamers, Auronplay has not been involved in too many controversies apart from one instance where FC Barcelona tried to sue him for sending too many brutal tweets about the club.


He may well be an unknown name for a lot of people, but Rubius is another incredibly popular Twitch streamer. He went to university to complete a 3D modeling course before he became well known in the gaming realm. He pushed out a great deal of content that included the likes of vlogs, challenges, and Q&As with fans. As a result, he has managed to amass a large following of fans who love to log on and check out what he has been up to. Not only that, but Rubius continues his hard work by publishing a book that is interactive and full of different activities that people can do.

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