Focus On Digital Detox As Increased Screen Time Triggers Vision Problems | Pune News

PUNE: Focus is back on digital detox amid increased screen time in children during the Covid-19 pandemic. A study by Indian Journal of Ophthalmology, where the average age of subjects was 12 years, revealed that 40% showed symptoms of headache, while 38% reported increased rubbing of the eyes.
Notably, parents of 55% of the participants denied occurrences of such symptoms in their children before the pandemic. As per the study, while 59% of the parents reported screen time of over six hours a day for their children, 34% noticed wrong postures and 13% reported a change in their ward’s eyeglass prescription.
AK Grover, chairman at Vision Eye Centers and department of ophthalmology at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi, said, “The human eye has a resolution of 375 megapixels. It transfers the message to the brain to figure out the colours, movements etc.” He said to maintain perfect eye vision, a person should consume antioxidants, fruits and vegetables.
Ophthalmologist Prajakta Adhikari highlighted the spike in digital eye strain (DES) among students, which included symptoms like dryness, itching, irritation, watering, blurring of vision and headaches. “Not only the amount of time spent looking at screens, but also the distance from it affects the eyes. A duration of over five hours a day is a risk factor,” she said.
Paediatrician Anand Jain said prolonged hours of online video gaming among children was also a contributing factor for ocular issues, a primary one being video game vision syndrome. “Playing online video games with intense focus for long durations without any breaks can lead to symptoms that are similar to DES. Reducing the brightness on your screen, wearing glasses that protect from light emitted from screens, practicing moderation of screen time can help,” Jain said.
The Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry recently hosted a webinar on managing eye care where its chairperson Anil Rajput said, “Having a balanced diet, along with adequate lighting in the room while studying, correct sitting posture, controlled screen time and regular eye exercises are key points to be kept in mind for maintaining healthy eyes among children.”


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