Video Shows Birds Hanging Out on Wired PS4 Controller

One PlayStation gamer shares an amusing video that provides an unusual reason to ditch a wireless controller and start playing with a wired connection

Video Shows Birds Hanging Out on Wired PS4 Controller

There is no denying that controllers are an integral part of the gaming experience on consoles as they connect players to the games they are playing. However, what is debatable is the best method of connecting these peripherals to gaming systems. Over the years, players have argued whether a wireless or wired gaming connection is the superior way to play.

While a lot of this debate comes down to personal preference, there are reasons for using both connection types. For example, a wireless connection is less restrictive, allowing players the freedom to move without running out of cable. On the other hand, a wired controller does not need to be charged, meaning marathon gaming sessions are no problem. In addition, some claim that a wired controller supposedly reduces input lag. Recently, one PlayStation player gave a new and compelling reason to go with a wired connection when gaming.


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In a post on Reddit, a user known as waterproof77 shared a video of themself gaming with a wired PS4 controller. What made this clip stand out was a pair of white and gray birds perched on top of the cable. They remained on the wire, looking perfectly content, as the Reddit user held the controller in their hands. Amusingly, the gamepad piqued the curiosity of the bird situated closer to the camera. As the gamer filmed, the bird maneuvered its way up the line, heading towards the controller. “Always play wired,” the Reddit user quipped.

Since waterproof77 posted this video of these birds hanging out on the wired PS4 controller, numerous members of the PlayStation community on Reddit took notice. With over 1,200 upvotes in less than a day, many were surprised to see a video like this on Reddit. In addition, some agreed that this clip made a compelling argument to change to a wired connection when gaming. “Saw the title? Audibly scoffed. Saw the video? Instantly sold,” said one person in the comments section. However, one gamer commented that they could never try this out as they had cats.

Believe it or not, this is far from the first time an animal has made gaming news. Besides these birds hanging out on a wired PS4 controller, another player found a fly trapped inside the power button on their Xbox console several months ago. In addition, numerous videos of cats and dogs reacting to video games have been posted to social media over the years. Time will tell what other clips showcasing wildlife and video games are shared with the gaming community in the coming days.

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