Upcoming PS5, PS4 Games for October and November 2021

Ready for silly season? The earlier months of 2021 are going to seem blissful when you realize how many top notch games are making their way to PlayStation 5 and PS4 in the next few weeks. October and November are stuffed with titles big and small you’ll want to pay attention to, so let’s not waste any more time and get straight to it, yeah? Here’s everything coming up on PS5 and PS4 in the next two months.

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It’s the football game! Well, the big one at least. FIFA 22 is this year’s embodiment of the annual soccer sim, implementing some important changes to gameplay and animation. HyperMotion technology, and tweaks to the physics and AI, make this a more realistic game of footie. You’re either in or out on this type of game, but this year’s FIFA is a step forward where it counts.

The Far Cry series is a very popular one, and it’s not hard to see why. Chaotic open worlds full of danger and opportunities to blow stuff up, these huge shooters offer up big dumb fun, and usually deliver. Far Cry 6 takes the action to Yara, a fictional island on the verge of revolution due to the actions of a tyrannical leader. Expect crazy weaponry, animal companions, and lots of explosions.

This holiday season is packed with big first-person shooters, and that of course includes this year’s Call of Duty. This time, we’re going back to World War II, with a campaign that follows the stories of the first group of special forces soldiers. A cinematic story combined with all the multiplayer you know and love should make for yet another top notch shooter.

Another big FPS coming to PS5 and PS4 is Battlefield 2042. Taking the action to a near-future setting, this is a multiplayer-only game with an emphasis on large scale firefights. While all the classic Battlefield modes are included, this entry also includes Battlefield Portal, allowing players to create their own maps and modes and share them with the community, and Hazard Zone, an intense co-op mode. This one looks jam-packed with interesting ways to play.

More Upcoming PS5 and PS4 Games for October and November 2021

Digital-Only PS5 and PS4 Games for October and November 2021

Below, we’ve listed some notable releases coming to PlayStation Store during this period.



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