Paradise Killer PS5 Version Leaked

Open-world adventure detective game Paradise Killer may be getting a PS5 version, as trophies for the game surface online.


Paradise Killer was an indie hit back in 2020, receiving praise from critics and fans alike. Developed by a British indie game studio known as Kaizen Game Works. Paradise Killer revolves primarily around a pocket universe in which a group of immortal alien beings, known as the Syndicate, are attempting to create a “perfect society,” using humanity as experiments. Stealing souls and putting them into variations of “Paradise Island,” the aliens find that each version of their society collapses. The player joins the experiment on the 24th iteration of “Paradise Island.”


From this point on, a plot of mystery ensues, as the player sets out initially to uncover the murderer of one islander, and yet soon finds out everyone has something to hide. The game is suited for fans of the Phoenix Wright series, gold Detroit: Become Humanas it contains a detective-style adventure, leading the player to uncover all the secrets of Paradise Island before they can find the answers they want.

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Initially releasing on PC and the Nintendo Switch, it now appears that the successful indie game will be making its way to PlayStation 5. According to Twitter user Gematsu, the trophies for Paradise Killer have been leaked, meaning that the game could be soon coming to Sony platforms. While it’s unlikely Paradise Killer could make full use of the enhanced performance of a PlayStation 5, bringing the game to that console would allow for a large number of new players to pick up the game. Even with critical praise, as an indie title Paradise Killer did not receive worldwide success.

Paradise Killer is by certainly not the only game to be ported over to the PlayStation 5 though. From other indie titles to older Sony exclusives, remasters, remakes and ports of older games are announced often in modern gaming, giving old fans new ways to experience games, and a chance for those who haven’t yet played a game or franchise to give it’s a go. The acclaimed Uncharted series is getting an upgrade from its PS4 version to PlayStation 5, with a recent video showing off the visual improvements of the PS5 version.

While smaller indie games like Paradise Killer may not break sales records on the PS5, the game would certainly stand out within the online store. Praised by critics for its unique setting and original soundtrack, the detective game combines influence from older literature, such as the works of HP Lovecraft, Kafka and Japanese videogames like Danganronpacreating a world that is at first familiar, but with a strangely alien feel to it.

Paradise Killer is available now on PC and Switch.

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