Marvel’s Spider-Man Video Recreates No Way Home’s Ending In-Game

A talented Spider-Man fan recreates the most exciting part of No Way Home in Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered featuring three cinematic Spider-Men.

The exciting scene from No Way Home‘s finale with all three Spideys appearing on the screen in an amazing action sequence has been recreated in Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered on PS5 by a dedicated fan. Since the game includes all the iconic suits from all the Spiderman movies, it is quite easy to create an illusion of all three cinematic web-swinging heroes appearing together in a stirring homage to the film.

One Spider-Man fan, being a professional digital illustrator, took advantage of Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered photo mode to create a handful of gorgeous 4K screenshots featuring Spidey in Andrew Garfield’s suit from the Amazing Spider-Man. Interestingly, the images were not just staged shots but rather stylish remakes of the Garfield movies’ official posters. The lighting, color palette, and hero’s posture turned out to be quite authentic to the promo materials used to advertise the films.


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youtube content creator Manny has recently shared an amazing Marvel’s Spider-Man video that captures the atmosphere of No Way Home‘s final sequence (a full 4K version is available on their SpriteSpawn Gaming channel). Using existing in-game suits of Tom Holland’s, Andrew Garfield’s, and Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Men, Mannie created a compilation of all three Peters swinging around on their webs, which looked quite similar to the famous scene of triple hero action in the recent movie and may have fans hoping for co-op in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Unfortunately, the content creator wasn’t able to place all three Spideys in a single frame in order to more accurately replicate the motion picture, but it still turned out well. Coupled with the official soundtrack, the compilation perfectly captures the atmosphere of the scene with all three cinematic Spider-Men working together as a friendly neighborhood team.

While the community keeps enjoying Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered and its addition of more advanced graphics on the PlayStation 5, the majority of fans are probably waiting for the next chapter to release as soon as possible. A recent batch of rumors regarding the game claims that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will offer a symbiote variant for every suit. It is believed that Peter or Miles might be infected by Venom at some point during the sequel’s playthrough, which is why the insider’s leak sounds quite believable. For now, however, there’s no official information on the topic.

Featuring all three cinematic Spider-Men in No Way Home was an impressive feat, which has led to some stirring images taken from the beloved game. Fans will likely enjoy the chance to relive the gripping ending of Marvel’s latest web-slinging blockbuster, but there are bound to be many who are still eager to get their hands on Insomniac’s long-awaited sequel.

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Source: Mannie/TwitterSpriteSpawn Gaming/YouTube

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