Horizon Forbidden West DLC and Online Store Seemingly Confirmed

Horizon Zero Dawn featured a well-received DLC after its launch, and according to a leak, Horizon Forbidden West might get something similar.

The recently-released Horizon Forbidden West could be receiving some sort of DLC in the future along with an online store, according to substantiated rumors. The sequel to the 2017 PS4-exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn, Forbidden West has earned very positive reviews from gamers and critics alike owing to its robust visuals, solid performance, meaty gameplay systems, and likable protagonist Aloy.

Horizon Forbidden West takes several queues from its predecessor as the story follows the same characters and world, with Aloy and many of her friends still taking center stage with regards to the game’s narrative. The signature, strategic bow-and-arrow gameplay and stealth mechanics have made a return as well, albeit in a much more polished and expanded way. In addition to its sprawling open world, myriad side quests, and lengthy main campaign, Horizon Zero Dawn saw a subsequent DLC pack in the form of The Frozen Wilds, which included a new set of quests, unlockables, and additional areas to explore. While Horizon Forbidden West already has many tribes, regions, and side quests to explore, no DLC has been officially announced at this point.


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It’s possible that DLC for Horizon Forbidden Westalong with an online store, may have been confirmed – if comments made by VSC Rating Board are to be believed. In a video shared on Twitter (later noticed by Reddit user Xawfire) the associate organization of PEGI in Europe detailed some of the reasons why Forbidden West received its PEGI 16 rating. One of the reasons briefly mentioned is the “in game store“that can be used to”purchase subsequent DLC expansions” and download additional content for the game. Players familiar with Forbidden West will know that no such store currently exists, which has prompted fans to speculate about a potential expansion.

As a new game, Horizon Forbidden West is still receiving early patches and updates to ensure it’s working as intended, but DLC seems like a possibility once these housekeeping practices are completed. The first Horizon game set a previous for DLC with The Frozen Wilds, so it certainly wouldn’t be far-fetched for the franchise. Considering the popularity of both games, it could be a smart business decision for both Sony and Guerrilla Games.

Of course, just because one game receives DLC doesn’t mean its sequel will, and at the time of writing, Guerrilla Games hasn’t confirmed any such DLC or store for Horizon Forbidden West, meaning fans shouldn’t yet get their hopes up too high. There is also always the possibility that the VSC Rating Board simply made a mistake with its video, so Horizon Forbidden West fans should take this news with a healthy grain of salt.

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Source: VSC Rating Board/Twitter (via Xawfire/Reddit)

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