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4. 3D Dot Game Heroes

2010 | SiliconStudio

What if Nintendo never took The Legend of Zelda into 3D with the Ocarina of Time engine and instead kept building on the original 2D gameplay in new and interesting ways? That’s basically the idea behind 3D Dot Game Heroes. While the environments feature unique 3D voxel graphics, this is old school 2D Zelda through and through, right down to the massive sword your player-created character swings when at full health.

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There’s never been a hint of a sequel to 3D Dot Game Heroes, but there doesn’t need to be either. The game is pretty much perfect as it is. It’s surprising that more games haven’t copied its style.

3. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

2010 | ninja theory

Yew Enslaved were to be released now, it would be hyped to hell and back based solely on its pedigree. Developed by Ninja Theory, written by Ex Machina director Alex Garland, and starring the supremely talented Andy Serkis, everything about the game screams quality. Nearly a decade on, it still holds up as an amazing game.

Set in a futuristic Earth taken over by machines after a great war, Enslaved features smooth combat and platforming, colorful graphics, and a Garland-esque twist ending on par with the rest of his work. If you haven’t played through Enslaved yet, now is definitely the time to track down a copy.

2. Dragon’s Crown

2013 | Vanillaware

Vanillaware has been cranking out some of the best 2D games on the market for almost two decades now, yet has received little attention for its efforts. Like most of the studio’s titles, Dragon’s Crown features beautiful hand-drawn artwork, this time set in a fully realized medieval fantasy world. This is a modernized take on Capcom’s old Dungeons & Dragons beat ’em ups and Guardian Heroeswith six playable characters and fully customizable skill trees.

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While all of Vanillaware’s games are excellent, Dragon’s Crown might be it’s very best. If you missed it on PS3 or Vita, it was recently released on PS4 as well, making it easier than ever to play this excellent title.

1. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel

2015 | Nihon Falcom

The PS3 is home to many quality JRPGs, but in this case, the best was certainly saved for last. The Legend of Heroes series has been around since 1989, but it’s only recently started to get any buzz (and localizations) in the West. Trail of Cold Steel is actually the beginning of a new subseries combining the classroom settings of personas with wider political intrigue.

Unfortunately, due to a lengthy localization process. Trail of Cold Steel didn’t make it overseas until the PS4 had already been out for two years, and the excellent sequel came out a year after that, so there’s a good chance you might not have heard of it before. The good news is that the first two games in the Cold Steel series are finally getting remastered for the PS4 in North America in early 2019. If those do well, two more sequels in the epic saga could come stateside as well.

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