10 Video Games You Won’t Believe Turn 15 In 2022

There’s only so much that certain art forms can advance, and others evolve at a much slower rate than others. However, when it comes to video games, the industry progresses so quickly that even some games that are just a couple of years old feel dated.

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While the last 15 years have passed by so fast, some of these games feel that old and are like time capsules of another gaming era, but they’re still original so much fun to play today. And though some might not be revolutionary, they are remembered for their controversial releases and starting the best video game franchises of all time.


The Orange Box

A player creating portals in Portal 2

The Orange Box contained the very last Half Life material fans got for 12 years until the release of 2020’s Half Life: Alyx. Half Life 2: Episode 2 asked so many questions that are still yet to be answered, such as who is the G-Man, and what’s inside the Borealis, the long-lost research icebreaker.

However, The Orange Box also included two other brand new full games, Team Fortress 2 and Portal. It’s a testament to Valve’s genius that Portal was simply an experiment created by the developer, which ended up being one of the most creative and complex games of the 21st century. It spawned an even better sequel, and fans are still waiting for Portal 3.

Manhunt 2

A player sneaks up behind a victim in Manhunt 2

Game developer Rockstar makes games that are the gold standard of open-world gaming. Whether it’s the modern-day Grand Theft Auto V or the Sergio Leone-inspired western Red Dead Redemption, the players’ choices in those sandboxes are endless. However, Manhunting is a relatively much smaller series, as it focuses on stealth mechanics and creeping around in the shadows.

But while Manhunt 2 is a great game, it’s the controversy surrounding its release that makes it one of the tentpole games of 2007. Because the game follows a violent assassin, a lot of stores refused to stock it, and it was even briefly banned in the UK and Ireland . Rockstar hasn’t forgotten about the game though, as GTA 6 might be set in Carcer City, the location in which Manhunting is based.

Spider Man 3

Spider-Man 3 video game Sandman

While Sony has most recently found a ton of success with the PlayStation exclusive Marvel’s Spider-Manthe web-slinger has had just as long of a history in video games as it has with movies. Spider Man 2 was even one of the most revolutionary open-world games outside of Grand Theft Auto.

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Thought Spider Man 3 doesn’t hold the same reputation as its predecessor, it’s just as good, and swinging through New York City is somehow even more fluid. It might be missing some of Spider-Man 2’s best features, such as the pizza delivery minigame, but in Spider Man 3players get to control Spidey in his symbiote costume.

Tomb Raider: Anniversary

Lara Croft wielding dual Uzis in Tomb Raider: Anniversary

It sounds like Tomb Raider: Anniversary is simply are remastered version of the first game, and players aren’t to blame if that’s what they thought, as it seems remastered game releases are more popular than new games these days. However, Anniversary works as both a sequel to Tomb Raider: Legend and a complete remake of the first game.

The levels in Anniversary are totally rebuilt versions of the ones found in the 1996 original. It marked a big moment for the series, as it was the first great PlayStation 2 tomb Raider game, and the levels were so expansive that allowed players to explore huge, fantastical, uncharted areas. The result is one of the very best tomb Raider games.

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

nate holding a gun and hiding behind a wall in Uncharted Drake's Fortune

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune was a phenomenal success, as it essentially reinvented platforming gaming and introduced some of the most beloved characters in video game history. Drake and Sully make for the best gaming duo ever, and throwing them into a well-told and well-researched story about searching for the lost treasure of El Dorado makes it more compelling than any platformer has the right to be.

However, because the Uncharted video game series is held in such high regard, some players look at the original game through rose-tinted glasses. Drake’s Fortune had its fair share of problems, such as the difficulty level, the frustratingly fixed camera angles, and the bizarre jet ski stages. And that’s why the game is a flawed masterpiece instead of a true classic like its sequels. But there are still some fans who think Drake’s Fortune is better than people say.

Assassin’s Creed

Most Assassin’s Creed games don’t expand on the gameplay or the mechanics much, as most of the entries in the series follow the same formula with a different skin. With every game, players control an assassin who’s an expert at parkour in a different time period and location, whether it’s in Paris during the French Revolution or in Egypt in 200BC. But it all started with the original in 2007.

Even though Assassin’s Creed started so many cliches, it was way ahead of its time and completely original in the late 2000s. Diving from the top of cathedrals into bales of hay was the most entertaining gameplay mechanic in 2007.

Halo 3

Halo 3 Final Mission still image

When it comes to console exclusives, Sony’s games far outweigh Microsoft, as the PlayStation has god of war, Uncharted, Marvel’s Spider-Man, and so many others. However, the crown jewel of Xbox’s exclusive rivals all of those, as the Halo series is one of the most revolutionary first-person shooter franchises ever.

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Halo 3 took the series to another level and was the first exclusive to make great use of the Xbox 360’s power. The game is full of unique weapons, beautiful alien worlds, and original vehicles, which are all made even better with the incredible graphics.


A Big Daddy comes in for the kill in BioShock

Bioshock is one of the first examples of a video game that told such a dense story shrouded in mystery that could rival any movie. And it had a shocking twist ending that’s just as mindblowing as the likes of fight club gold The Sixth Sense. In fact, Bioshock desperately needs a film adaptation, as it’s so cinematic, entertaining, and terrifying that it’d make a great sci-fi-horror movie.

The game has some brilliant abilities that players can use, but while the gameplay leaves a lot to be desired, Bioshock is all about soaking up the atmosphere and learning about the world of Rapture, the fascinating underwater city. The 2007 game even spawned two sequels, the third of which is even more fascinating.


Shootout in a hotel lobby

Stranglehold is interesting because it helped video games become more respected as an art form and showed how the medium could tell stories as well as any Hollywood movie. The video game is a sequel to John Woo’s beloved action film Hard Boiledand the project was even written and produced by Woo himself.

It turns out that Woo is just as adept at creating video games as he is at making high-octane Hong Kong movies, as Stranglehold is one of the most sublime shoot ’em ups ever. The game has a special feature called “Tequila Time,” which slows down time and gives players the ability to leap over units while gunning simultaneously, just like in Woo’s movies.

Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Tea call of duty series has become a franchise that sees annual releases, and each game has even fewer new features than the last. However, in the 2000s, the games had flair and pushed the industry forward with their innovative mechanics, and that’s no more true than with Modern Warfare.

Modern Warfare saw the franchise go from satisfactory historical war games to an exciting and futuristic setting. It singlehandedly changed the video game landscape, was one of the biggest influencers of modern online gaming, and it holds a legacy that few other Activision games do.

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