Sony confirms the new PlayStation Store won’t let you buy PS3, PSP and Vita games outside those consoles

If you prefer buying older PlayStation games over the web or on mobile, you won’t be able to do that for much longer. Sony is sending emails to PlayStation gamers that confirm a revamped digital storefront coming between October 21st and 26th, which will remove users’ options to purchase games and DLC released initially on the PS3, PSP, and Vita from a mobile device or PC. Planet Vita originally reported the news last week, citing developer sources.

The PlayStation web store will remove the option to purchase those games, and the mobile app’s update will be available on October 28th. Users will still be allowed to make new purchases for PlayStation legacy titles, but they will have to purchase them directly from PS3, PSP, Vita, or PS4 gaming consoles. However, it is important to note that this only applies to new purchases, and any previous purchases for any legacy PlayStation titles and downloadable content will remain accessible through your PlayStation account.

Sony will also remove the ability to download apps, themes, and avatars for PS4 on both web and mobile, but they can still be downloaded on the console. The PlayStation Store’s wishlist feature is also being discontinued, so any wishlist items you have on there will be removed from your account.

Here’s the full email in image form:

Update October 15th, 6:38PM ET: Added confirmation from Sony via customer email.

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